About Absolute

Behind the grand façade of the three-storey Victorian villa that Absolute calls home, our talented team spend their days designing , coding, writing and testing, and occasionally tweeting.

When we opened in 1993, the web barely existed. There were 623 websites in total, Google was still five years away, and the height of web design was the <marquee> tag.

Two decades later, we’re one of the longest-standing web design agencies in the UK. Our directors may look a bit worse for wear, but our work and reputation have never been better.

Our Process

Our talented team of designers and developers work closely together, combining the latest technical knowledge with the best creative thinking to deliver engaging design, fluid functionality and killer content.

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Meet The Directors

One collects classic chairs. One’s an 8th Native American. One plays the saxophone.
But they’re all Absolute directors, and experts in their fields.

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