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Nestled in a Victorian villa in Nottingham, our team of experts spend their days designing and coding, writing and testing, and occasionally tweeting about
Game of Thrones.

Our Services

When we opened in 1993, the web barely existed. There were 623 websites in total, Google was still five years away, and the height of web design was the <marquee> tag.

Two decades later, we’re one of the longest-standing web design agencies in the UK. Our directors may look a bit worse for wear, but our work and reputation have never been better.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Web design

    Web design

    Design is the first thing your customers see, and one of the biggest factors they judge you on. We have the skills to create beautiful, unique designs they won’t be able to tear their eyes away from.

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  • Front-end development

    Front-end development

    The front end of your site is where all the action happens – where customers interact and the design comes to life. From CSS animation to parallax scrolling, our dev team know the techniques and technologies to make innovative front ends that work.

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  • Web development and CMS

    Web development and CMS

    Being able to manage and add content to your site puts you in control. We support all the main content management systems – ExpressionEngine, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, WordPress and more – so there’s no limit to what we can create for you.

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  • Ecommerce


    We make sites that sell. Working with Magento and all the big payment gateways, we’ll build or upgrade your shop to upsell, cross-sell, look great, and of course, integrate with your back-end systems.

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  • Mobile design

    Mobile design

    Over a third of you are reading this on a mobile device – and the same goes for your customers. We can show you what mobile and tablet users are looking for, and how to deliver it in a well-designed, small-screen-friendly site.

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  • Branding


    People don’t buy products. They buy brands. And it’s not just about the logo – we can show you how to shape every aspect of your brand to portray the personality you want.

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  • Digital marketing and SEO

    Digital marketing and SEO

    Whether you need to get your message out there or you’re not quite sure what your message is, we can help. We have reams of experience in using SEO, pay-per-click, analytics and social to raise awareness and generate leads.

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  • Social media

    Social media

    There’s a social platform to suit almost every brand. We can help you find yours, get followed by the right people, and produce content that gets shared and noticed. We’ll set up and run your pages, or train you to do it – and if you’re new to social, we’re happy to guide you.

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  • Copy and content

    Copy and content

    The content of your website majorly affects how you rank in search, and whether customers choose to buy from you. We can establish a brand tone of voice, create accompanying guidelines, and write flawless, engaging copy for every facet of your brand.

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  • User experience

    User experience

    There’s a lot more to user experience than just visuals and wireframes. Whether it’s organising information, maximising usability, conducting user testing or creating prototypes, we can help make your entire brand – not just your website – work for the user.

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  • Hosting and support

    Hosting and support

    Our hosting packages provide everything you’d expect from a service level agreement, including 24/7 maintenance, regular backups, spam filtering, domain names and industry-strength firewalls.

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  • Print design

    Print design

    The print process can be complex and confusing. Luckily, we’ve been doing it for 20 years, so whether you need a brochure, prospectus, annual report or anything else, we’ll be your guide.

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  • Communication strategy

    Communication strategy

    No one wants to spend money advertising to people who won’t convert. We can help you get the right mix of communication channels, both offline and on, to reach your audience exactly when they’re primed to purchase.

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Our Directors

One went to military school. One collects classic chairs. One was named after Jim-Bob from The Waltons. One’s an 8th Native American. But they’re all Absolute directors, and experts in their fields.

Choose a director to contact them or find out more.

Clients we've worked with

Nottingham Express Transport, University of Nottingham, Potter Clarkson, Nottingham County Council, TDX Group, Nottingham City Council, Ikano, Develop, bksb, AvantiGas, Taylor Woodrow, Balfour Beatty

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