Print design

We’ve been designing for print since we opened our doors 20 years ago, and have 50 years’ combined experience of managing the print process – everything from brochures to direct mail. This means we can help you work out technical details, like the print quantity and sheet size that will give the best economies of scale. We can even offer in-house, certified colour proofing to guarantee your colours come out exactly the way you want them.

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Villa Nova

Our designs for Villa Nova’s pattern books and catalogues are all about maximising the impact of the products. The printed books have to stand in for high-quality fabrics, so we carry out extensive colour correction and only work with printers who conform to the ISO European standard. That way, we know the printed pictures exactly match the real materials.

Greenwood Academies

Creating prospectuses for seven separate learning establishments is a big task. Doing it all at once, with 500 pages of content to lay out, is an even bigger one. But we’ve managed it year after year, even increasing printing efficiencies to lower the cost of each prospectus.

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