Mobile design

Mobile design at Absolute encompasses responsive web pages, mobile sites, and apps. Our mobile-optimised designs continue your site’s look and feel, but in a touch-friendly format that makes the most of limited screen space. We can also offer different content on the mobile version of your site, like location-specific functions that use the device’s physical position.

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20% of the tram website’s traffic was coming from smartphones, so we recommended making a dedicated mobile site. We designed it to deliver just the features you need on the move – journey planning, maps and geo-targeting, so the site knows where you are without having to ask.

Balfour Beatty

We’d noticed a significant uptick in smartphone users visiting the Balfour Beatty site, so we created a mobile version optimised for smaller screens. Both sites use the same CMS, so there’s no extra work for Balfour Beatty to do – it’s just easier for their mobile users to find the bits they need.

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Modern Warehouse

15% of Modern Warehouse’s users were viewing the site on mobile devices, so we recommended making the new site responsive to cater to them. We produced two designs: mobile and tablet, then carried out extensive user testing to perfect them for all devices, sizes, and older mobile OSes.