Why is Magento the best platform for ecommerce?

7 December 2015

There is no other platform on the market that will offer you the same diversity, available features and powerful inbuilt functionality than Magento does. It’s why at Absolute we use the platform for clients big and small.


Magento is a powerful open source platform and has a large community following, allowing Magento developers to fix bugs and write patches whenever necessary. The large community also means that new features are readily available, allowing for cost-effective websites.


Due to Magento's successful rise in popularity and large following, there are an infinite number of modules available, which can be used to customise websites.

If your store needs a blog adding to the website, Magento allows for easy CMS customisation. It also allows for convenient free shipping and discount code modules.

Powerful and flexible

The platform also has the capacity to hold thousands of products on one store. Better still, a company can run multiple sites with just one backend system, which is perfect for businesses which operate in various countries and currencies all over the world.

Data integration

Magento is packed with useful features necessary to create a dynamic website, such as email lists, product comparisons, upsells and cross-sells. Also, Magento supports mass data import and data integration for a number of systems, including Sage 1000, iSeries and Microsoft Nav Dynamics, as well as leading payment services like PayPal, Worldpay and SagePay. This seamless integration of data places Magento ahead of the competition.


Magento is used by some of the most prominent online retailers in the world, including retail giants Harvey Nichols, Paul Smith and Kurt Geiger.

Start-ups to multinational organisations

Magento is perfect for any size of business, and at Absolute we create sites ranging from £5000 to £100,000. That’s the beauty of Magento. It allows for the ability to build bespoke websites on a cost-effective platform, creating client-customised stores.

  1. Small and medium ecommerce businesses who have outgrown their current ecommerce stores often require an upgrade to Magento, allowing for the handling of larger SKUs, using the same CRM. The modern features and modules that Magento offers are often much superior to outdated, slow ecommerce stores. If you require an upgrade from your ecommerce store to a Magento platform, this is a project we can handle with ease. It’s something we can demonstrate a great deal of experience in. As well as a more powerful site, you’ll have a positive customer journey experience.
  2. Old Magento stores often require an upgrade to migrate to a newer Magento platform. Outdated Magento sites can sometimes suffer from performance and security issues and newer versions provide the stability and security needed to compete effectively in your industry. Also, Magento business owners can often outgrow their store capabilities, meaning they need a newer, more robust Magento platform. Here at Absolute, we’re able to work from original Magento stores and  upgrade them to create fully functioning websites that look professional and up-to-date and come with all the benefits that new Magento  platforms bring.
  3. Enterprise Magento is a premium ecommerce product. We’re experienced in building Enterprise Magento websites for large multinational businesses that have thousands of products to display on their site. Enterprise Magento allows for large-scale websites where multiple sites are built on one backend. It works perfectly for businesses who deal multi-nationally with various types of currency.

Do you already have a Magento site? Allow Absolute to handle your Magento security, future developments and store updates for you. Click here for more information.



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