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Support Matrix

There are many different ways to access the web these days, so when we build a new website we always make sure it works with the most popular browsers and platforms.

Web Development

In order to complete our internal testing, we will produce a test plan, which is bespoke to the project. Two developers will work through this plan to ensure all areas of the site function as intended.

Once all in-house testing is complete, we will make a copy of the test plan available to you so that you can carry out similar tests (if required) using the development version of the site before the site is launched.

We support the current and one previous version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on the latest Windows and OS X. For mobile devices we support the same level on stock browsers for Android and iOS.

Note – if you require your site to be compatible with any additional browsers / operating system combinations, this can be provided at an additional cost.

HTML Email

HTML email templates go through internal testing across a number of email clients, browsers and devices.

We offer two types of HTML email template, which are standard and responsive.
We support the following clients, devices and browsers when developing HTML email templates:

Standard (Non Responsive)

  1. Desktop
    1. Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016
    2. ###li/li###
    3. Apple Mail 10
  2. Mobile
    1. Android 5.1
    2. iPhone 6s (iOS 10), iPhone 8 (iOS 11)
    3. iPad (iOS 11)
  3. Web based
    1. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
    2. Gmail (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)


Responsive email support is for mobile device's native email clients, where stated responsive states will be seen, for other clients which do not support responsive states the standard email will be shown. Both standard and responsive state designs will be provided prior to development for responsive HTML email templates.

  1. Mobile
    1. Responsive - Android 5.1
    2. iPhone 6s (iOS 10), iPhone 8 (iOS 11)
    3. iPad (iOS 11)

Note – if you require your email to be compatible with any additional email clients, this can be provided at an additional cost.