10 essential web tools for building better websites

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Getting designers and clients communicating effectively can sometimes be a challenge. Both of you are working towards the same goal but it’s not always easy to clearly communicate all the technical and creative choices that go into a website. 

So, here are a few of the best websites and tools to help you, the client, understand the web design process: 

Planning tools

Getting things right at the planning stage can save you problems, and money, later on. These are just a few simple tools for making sure you’re all on the same page: 

Mockingbird is a basic browser-based wireframing tool that lets you mock up the layout of webpages and create the bare bones of a website. It’s a great way to produce a rough draft of how you see a website looking and can give our web designers a steer on what you’re after. Our experienced team of user experience experts can then use sophisticated wireframing software to produce comprehensive website plans that allow us to plot the customer journey through the site. 

The popular blogging website Pinterest is ideal for bringing all your design ideas and inspirations together into one shared resource. It’s free and simple to use as well as allowing others to view and contribute to it. Use it as a mood board and source of inspiration during a web project to help establish your creative goals. 

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