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Digital Marketing

We're experts in getting you found online. With over 20 year's experience, we deliver performance-driven digital strategies with lasting impact. Whether you need help with SEO, content and design support, or exciting campaigns for outreach - we'll get your brand's voice heard.

Increase sales with engaging content

You’ve worked hard to create a strong brand with great products and services for your customers, now is the time to get the message out there. Our team of digital experts are here to help develop well executed social media campaigns with engaging content that will help elevate your brand.

The fundamentals of any digital strategy is to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your ecommerce website and increase sales. Effective creative assets for your social media campaign is paramount to gain engagement. 

Using industry leading software, our digital marketing team are on-hand to ensure your message is effectively communicated to both your current customers and prospects clients. Our team of experts are driven to ensure your business sees a positive return on any investment.

UK adults active on social media
66% or 45 million active social media users in 2020.

Targeted campaigns
54% of social media users use social media to research products.

Business buying habits
81% of B2B decision makers say they use social media to help make buying decisions.

Prices starting from £599.
For our current support customers, why not utilise part of your monthly allowance to refresh your social media content?

Get in touch
To get started, please contact: Pete Watson, T: 0115 953 4800 ext. 220 
M: 07377 405 435 E: [email protected]

Increase sales with engaging content


Our next generation racing boat
Social media sting to promote WinTech’s new racing boat.


Ahead on and off the water
Klaus Filter - The most copied hull designer on the planet.


Document storage for remote working
Shredall - Helping to store and retrieve your digital records.

Common Questions

  • How can I tell if my site is well optimised?

    We can provide an SEO audit of your website and provide a detailed report. This is not an automated report and is usually between 60 and 100 'points' (depending on the size of your website). It covers both technical SEO and on-site optimisation.

  • What keywords should I use?

    We can determine the most lucrative key terms and phrases for your website, by analysing average monthly search volumes and levels of competition. We provide keyword analysis for Google and Bing if required. 
    We use keyword research to form successful organic and paid search campaigns. This also helps determine the content strategy and hierarchical structure of pages within your website.
    We collate keywords from our own interpretations, existing or perceived keywords supplied by you, Google’s recommendations and those used by your competitors

  • Why is competitor analysis important?

    Analysing competitor's websites allow us to establish which search terms they use.

    This forms the basis of any changes or additions required to your website. These suggestions are based on content, website structure, functionality and user journey.
    We also investigate performance indicators for domain authority, page speed and quality of optimisation. We can identify how many inbound links each competitor has, and more importantly, where they’re coming from. This helps form an actionable link building strategy.

  • How do I create PPC campaigns?

    AdWords isn’t just about selecting a few finger-in-the-air keywords, entering card details and setting a budget – all that’s going to do is make Google even richer!

    Like most digital marketing channels, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is subject to best practice which will often make your AdSpend work harder and deliver more conversion. For example, each advert you create is given a quality score (by Google) and is based on various factors. Like how relevant the keyword a user enters is to the text in your ad, plus, the relevance of content on the page you’re directing a user to.
    Adverts with better quality scores and higher click-through-rates (CTRs) are given priority as Google deems them more relevant for customers searching.
    Once a PPC campaign is live, it isn’t just a case of leaving Google to it. Ads can be split tested to see which receives the most engagement. It’s essential to monitor which words / phrases are converting best and give these more budget by turning off the ones that aren’t.

  • What is Google remarketing?

    Harnessing the power of remarketing allows you to give those who have previously visited your website a little nudge, reminding them about your products or services.

    Your Ads appear on other websites that are part of the Google Display Network and can even be tailored towards which products or sections of your website they visited.

  • How can social media marketing help me?

    Paying to reach a wider audience on Social Media can prove a lucrative channel depending on your target market. It allows you to target those who have visited your website or bought from you in the past; and, more importantly, you can target an audience that resembles your demographic.

  • How important is organic search?

    There are many influencing factors to improve and optimise your website to compete for lucrative, high-ranking positions on the SERPs (search engine results page).
    One of the biggest indicators for Google is the amount of quality, natural and relevant links you have pointing to your website.
    The key is to become the authority on your website’s subject matter.
    If your content is worthy of sharing then you must therefore be important - particularly if those sharing are also deemed important in the subject matter

  • Should I have a content strategy?

    Generating unique, informative and above all engaging content is essential for a website to grow and generate quality inbound links.

    This may simply be composing regular blog posts or ‘big content’ such as infographics, video or interactive mini-apps.
    Outreach can be undertaken by broadcasting on your Social Media channels, approaching quality sources and asking them to share your content on their website, or, where appropriate, paying for sponsored outreach.
    We had great success creating big content with our Magento Ninja game. This generated high rates of engagement and was highly shareable. 

  • Should I consider video content?

    Producing compelling video content makes a brand stand out from the crowd and build a strong relationship with their audience.

    YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world and shouldn’t be ignored. Having well-optimised video (keeping audience retention in mind) is essential for success on the platform.
    Just as importantly, through careful planning and the use of editorial calendars, creating content that’s unique and of-the-moment will make your brand stand out when producing online video. 

  • How can social media work for my brand?

    Social media is the perfect tool to deliver fun and relevant marketing content to highly targeted audiences.

    Creating highly ‘shareable’ content will encourage users to share your posts more organically. Alternatively, paying to improve the reach of your posts allows you to be specific in who you target.
    There are many possibilities on what you can post across various platforms. But generally, the more fun and engaging your posts, the better the engagement

  • How can email marketing help me?

    Preaching to the already converted has always proven a lucrative source of traffic. Promoting new services or seasonal offers by email encourage returning visits and build brand loyalty. Intelligent segmentation of your marketing database can vastly improve conversion.


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