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The infographic that has been 125 years in the making

Posted by: Absolute Design

This year has been a big year for one of our clients, the patent and trade mark attorney Potter Clarkson. 

This has been their 125th Year in business and, to mark the occasion, instead of producing a conventional Christmas card for their clients they asked us to come up with an infographic that celebrated this momentous milestone.

So what we did was produce an infographic that not only recorded key events in the company’s history but also some rather big landmarks for human inventiveness. We took our inspiration from the fact that Potter Clarkson began in 1889, the same year of the Paris Exposition for which the Eiffel Tower was built. From László Bíró’s ballpoint pen to the internet the infographic illustrates how the need to protect your ideas is essential for commercial success while leaving other discoveries freely available fuels amazing bursts of progress.

Infographics are a fun and interesting way of conveying data and creating something that is immediate and shareable through social media channels. The graphic above shows just a few of the interesting facts, head over to the complete timeline to discover something you didn'’t know.