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Make your email marketing mobile friendly

Posted by: Clare Rose

Have you ever opened an email on a mobile phone and found it hard to read and even harder to click on the links? That’s because it was designed for desktop computers rather than with mobiles and tablets in mind. 

As more and more people are accessing email on mobile devices the problem of content being illegible is having a negative effect on your conversion rates. Not considering mobile devices when designing and developing email templates can lead to difficult to read text, hard to see images and almost impossible to click links.

If you received our latest newsletter you may have been among the 53% that opened it on a mobile. If haven’t seen it you’ll find it here. We’ve updated our emails to a new HTML template that uses a combination of fluid and responsive techniques to provide a more accessible mobile solution.

When designing for digital platforms you need to make a number of key decisions early on. Such as: What types of devices are your emails going to be viewed on? Is it specific to one type of device or will it be viewed across a range of devices? While not all devices support responsive emails many of the leading smartphones do, including iOS Mail, Android 4.x email/OEM app, Windows Phone 7.5 and Blackberry OS7 + Z10.

This presents a range of variables, such as preferred screen resolution, which are mainly out of your control. So to be most effective you need to be prepared for your email to be viewed in many different ways. By keeping up to date with statistics from your email campaigns you can make sure you’re optimising the design of your emails to suit the needs of your key audience. In 2013 the majority of email traffic was for business, with over 100 billion emails being sent and received every day. A figure that is expected to rise to 132 billion by 2017 as email continues to be the main form of business communication.

Planning your next email

  • Start thinking about the platforms you need your content to work on before you even start the designing your email.
  • Take into account the range of different devices that may be used to view your email campaigns. If you only need it to work on the desktop design it to have the best impact on that platform. But, if you need it to work on every platform go for a responsive, one size fits all solution.
  • If you choose the responsive option think about how the email will work on mobiles. For instance, are there any elements that will be difficult to access at smaller resolutions? Then use responsive and fluid development techniques to make these elements work in your email.
  • A combination of fluid and responsive approaches can be used to expand the number of different devices that are supported and ensure that your emails work across as many devices as possible.
  • If you regularly send out emails adding a responsive email module to your website’s CMS will make the process a lot easier.
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