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Promoting your products on Google Shopping

Posted by: Clare Rose

Earlier this year Google made a big change to Google Product Search. It’s now no longer just a search aggregator for online products but also a paid-for service similar to Adwords called Google Shopping. This has effectively created an advertising channel that allows you to upload product data from your website and put it in front of thousands of your potential customers.

The new channel connects to Google Adwords and allows you to modify product information so your ads are always up to date and relevant to your customers. And just like Adwords these Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are triggered by relevant product searches so that they are displayed beside the returned search results.

Getting started with Google Shopping

To get a Google Shopping account simply become a verified Google Merchant and connect your shopping feed to it. Similar to text, dynamic or display ads, Adwords allows you to then set your Google Shopping campaign requirements, such as location targeting, ad scheduling and campaign budget. You can even add promotions such as discounts or free delivery. If you also have any product-related trends then you can maximise them during these specific periods.

You can also organise your products into four types:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • Product
  • Condition

By adding labels in Adwords you can also create product targets such as age, gender, price, priority of products or revenue. Then, using Google Analytics, you can review your campaign performance and see which products are converting best and which ones need improvement.

The number of businesses signing up for Google Shopping is quickly growing, meaning it’s increasingly becoming an important tool for ecommerce websites to stay competitive. If that isn’t enough motivation to sign up then it’s also worth noting that product listing ads are also quite cheap per click at the moment.