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SEO strategy increases page position for Killarney Homes

Posted by: Absolute Design

Killarney Homes is a leading residential and rental park provider with properties based in the idyllic Nottinghamshire countryside. They came to us with the need for a more engaging and user friendly website, taking them from an original WordPress site to a secure and flexible Content Management System.

Alongside a responsive site, Killarney Homes required SEO strategy to increase their website presence and a brand refresh to create a more modern appeal. 

After researching thoroughly into our client’s brand we delivered logo options and web designs and then wireframed their business processes. Concrete5 stood out as the best CMS option for Killarney Homes. Concrete5 is able to hold large amounts of content and enables for inline editing on the frontend, meaning the marketing team at Killarney Homes is able to simply edit content and images and change colour themes on their site, without the need of a frontend developer.

Next came Google Keyword Analysis to establish Killarney Homes' keyword terms. Researching into the popular and most common terms ensured we targeted relevant pages with good quality content and meta data. Killarney Homes is now appearing on page one of Google for certain key terms, ensuring they reach potential customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Keyword research is one of the most important elements in SEO campaigns. Robot ‘spiders’ crawl through content on webpages, and then a search engine’s complex set of algorithms sift through these indexed webpages, matching keyword phrases used during searches. It’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked when creating a new site.  

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