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Video: 10 Tips for Google Reconsideration

Posted by: Clare Rose

Are you having problems with your website’s ranking in Google? This week we have put together a quick video that highlights our Ten Tips to help people apply for Google ‘reconsideration’, helping to overcome such a penalty and regain your rightful place on Google! Edd Wilson, our SEO Manager, has prepared these based on his experience of helping a number of clients recover their Google ranking.

Have you found that not so long ago you were doing well for your chosen keywords, but now find your website is no longer performing well in Google?
As you may be aware, Google has been updating its search algorithm to eliminate the effect of non-organic linking practices. The aim of this is to promote websites that have been concentrating on providing high quality content instead of ‘farming out’ their back link profile to cheap SEO agencies. If this sounds familiar, you may find that your website has been penalised by Google.

Reconsideration can be a difficult and extensive task, which can be further complicated depending on the number of back links there are pointing back to your website and the length of time these have been pointed at your site. We hope you find these tips helpful - should you require more information or want to talk to us about how Absolute can help you with your reconsideration, please drop our Digital Marketing Director, Stephan Hayward, an email at or call on 0115 953 4800 ext 204.

We also have a free SEO Masterclass on 27th February, which will be looking at reconsideration in more detail as well as providing delegates with a full understanding of the principles and techniques of modern search engine optimisation. Email or call 0115 953 4800 ext 208 to reserve your place.

Video Transcript
My name’s Edd, and I’m the SEO Manager here at Absolute, and I’m here to give my top ten tips on Google Reconsideration requests. This will especially help if you are under a Google penalty.

Tip 1: Human Approach with link removal 
There are a lot of tools out there that analyse your link profile and detect bad links. I really think that this is best suited for a person, as you may be contacting websites with links that you want to keep and this could create bad PR.
Tip 2: Go deeper for contact information 
You should definitely dig deeper for contact information. If there isn’t an email or contact form on the website, check the domain registrar and there may be some contact information there. Google will really appreciate this.

Tip 3: Make sure you include every bad link into the disavow 
For all the links you can’t remove, put them in the disavow file and submit them to Google and mention this disavow file in the reconsideration request.

Tip 4: Use more than one link tool 
You should definitely use more than one link tool. Google does detect a link pointing towards the website, but it doesn’t help create a full profile. There are other tools such as Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs that help create the full profile for you to analysis and detect any bad links.

Tip 5: Contact on more than one occasion 
You should definitely contact a website on more than one occasion; I found it best to contact a website probably about three times leaving a bit of space in between.

Tip 6: Record dates and times along with links removed 
Back to Google docs. Make sure you record all your efforts, this includes dates that you have contacted the websites, and any additional information including if the site is down, or there are no contact details.

Tip 7: Be honest in your reconsideration request 
If you have bought spam links in the past, mention this in your request.

Tip 8: Check over Googles guidelines 
If you are unsure of harmful links pointing to your website, check over Googles guidelines, as they actually list types of links that may be affecting your website.

Tip 9: Use Google Docs with privacy open 
Use Google Docs in your reconsideration request and make sure the privacy settings are set to open so that the Google Search Quality team can see this.

Tip 10: Commit to the future 
And the final one, tip number 10, after you submit your disavow file and conducted your link removal, mention in your reconsideration request that your strategy moving forward will align perfectly with Google’s guidelines.