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We review the New Year Sales of 2020

Posted by: Absolute Design

With Christmas over, we were all eager to see what the end of year and 2020 New Year sales had to offer.  This year was no exception with an array of impactful and carefully curated sales and promotional messages from top online brands.

With that in mind, we review some of our favourite ecommerce promotions to hit our screens at the beginning of 2020. Plus, some learnings on what to look out for during this peak sales period.

On the web

Having a clear out -

AO came out all guns blazing with their 2020 clearance by promoting the idea of clearing out their warehouses to make way for new stock. Furthermore, their approach of throwing every product available in the clearance onto one page reinforces the extent of products on offer to visitors.

In our opinion, leading with the line “We’re clearing out our warehouses of excess stock…” puts more onus on the customer, making them feel more obligated to ‘help’! Essentially, if you buy from AO, you’re helping them clear out their warehouses whilst grabbing a bargain too - Win Win!

Whisk me away -

It’s a cold, winter’s January day and it’s lead you to think about your next holiday away.  You log onto and are welcomed with a delightfully warm and cozy image reinforced by strong discount messages promising to whisk you away at a seriously good price.

Easyjet have clearly spent a lot of time crafting their homepage hero image to make a strong visual impact and tap into it’s user’s train of thought. With a strong warming image taking you somewhere above the clouds, reinforced with an obvious ‘SALE’ tag, EasyJet are focusing on the benefits over features during their January promotion. Not an airplane in sight, just a vision of somewhere better you could be in just a few clicks.

Big and bold -

The sale message on Schuh’s website offers pure in-your-face sale delight! It’s a great example of less is more.  The message is short, bold and simple, yet it clearly and quickly sets the expectations for website visitors from the get-go.

We also couldn’t not remark on the retro style Schuh have opted for here. A funky font with seriously oversized drop shadow reinforces this sale to be hip, big and bold. Students also get a great deal too!  All in all, a great way to entice users to click through.


Be prepared for the influx - Manchester Airport Group

50% off airport parking, one hour ONLY!  What’s not to like!? Manchester Airport Group (MAG) promoted their half price parking offer by sending an eshot to their marketing list. Of course, with such a compelling offer, it gathered a lot of interest.

What MAG hadn’t considered was the toll this would take on their web servers. Unfortunately, during the 1 hour promotional period the website crashed and remained down for the entire time.  Furthermore, MAG also prevented users being able to make contact by phone for the following 48 hours, by introducing an automated “technical difficulties” message and disabling their answerphone.

This highlights the importance of making sure your infrastructure is fully prepared for the influx that may come from keen sale shoppers.  Furthermore, it’s also important to consider what you’ll do if something does go wrong during a key promotional period. For example, how will you manage frustrated customers desperate to purchase through your site but can’t?

As you can see from their Facebook page, customers can take it very badly when they feel their missing out on a deal.  Whilst a company is not obliged to honour a promotion if their website is down, unfortunately not all customers see it that way.  Therefore avoiding a situation arising in the first place, or having correct contingencies in place (just in case unforeseen circumstances arise) is a must-have.