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Is it time to refresh your brand?

Posted by: Absolute Design

At Absolute, we create and refresh brands for a wide range of businesses in the Nottingham area and throughout the UK. There are many factors to take into account when evaluating your brand.

If you’re unsure whether your brand needs a refresh, here's what you need to take into consideration:

Outdated logo

Your logo is your identity, and should represent you in a way that you want to be portrayed. Your logo may have looked contemporary and engaging 10 or 20 years ago, but chances are, it’s dated. A simple logo redesign will reignite your brand and will ensure you’re standing toe-to-toe with your counterparts. Take a look at the logo redesigns we created for a variety of clients:

Complicated and inconsistent

Your branding may be great on your printed material, but when placed next to your website, inconsistencies show. A busy website with branding that doesn’t match the quality of your other marketing material will have a detrimental effect to branding success. Create branding to a high standard across all of your output and your customers will be reassured in your business efficiency. Before and after images of website redesign, below:

Your services have changed

If you’re an established business, it’s likely your services have changed since your formation. Does your branding reflect the services you now offer? Adapt your business tagline or even your company name to mirror your services and ensure you deliver a clear message to potential customers. Customers don’t want to be confused by out of date business messages.

Brand guidelines

If you’re expecting large business growth, you have to make sure you have the appropriate brand guidelines to support your business through its expansion. New team members, especially creatives, need clear instructions from brand guidelines. It’s important to have all of your employees working from the same page. It creates a consistent tone of voice and ensures that messages don’t become blurred. Create ToV documents and digital and print branding documents to help keep uniformity throughout business transition. At Absolute we create brand guidelines for various clients: