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The importance of brand evolution

Posted by: Absolute Design

Success and the long-term continuation of it, is what all businesses aim for. 

The problem is, the longer you’re in business, the more the things around you change - such as fashion, technology, culture, social outlook and methods of promotion. For example, consider your mobile phone and compare it with the one you were using 10 years ago. As this rate of change is very gradual, it can go unnoticed, so if it isn’t recognised and addressed periodically, your brand can be left behind and risk becoming an anachronism. Brand refresh, therefore, is a necessary component of a successful marketing strategy.

It’s not a rebrand. Inevitably, any change in the pattern of how your business presents and promotes itself will send a positive message of change and revitalise the core brand. However, when managing this process, you should be careful never to lose sight of your original values. A brand evolution should be just that, a development on what already exists, to make it better, more relevant and more appealing to a wider audience. Often subtle, this usually involves the visual simplification of assets and the updating of their practical application. It’s important to remember that it’s not a re-brand and you should aim to retain the essence of what ‘makes you, you’, so as not to alienate existing customers and internal stakeholders.