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Taking the hassle out of homework

Posted by: Absolute Design

We have just completed a fantastic job designing the front end of a new web portal for an online education provider specialising in tutor-led and independent learning. 

It allows people of all ages and backgrounds to study courses on everything from basic IT skills all the way up to ‘A’ levels.

The platform hosts interactive resources structured around modules that can be completed at the students’ own pace. It also provides space for portfolios and allows college students to connect with their tutors via webchat to ask questions, get work assessed and even be assigned additional projects.

We were tasked with designing both the student and tutor dashboards. The website is packed with lots of information and functionality, so it was essential that the design helped students easily navigate and access resources and submit work. At the same time they can get feedback about their marks and progress. The tutor dashboard has similar functionality but also provides more detailed information about how the modules are being used, how often students are engaging with the portal and whether they are meeting targets.

We’ve used a very clean, crisp design that incorporates the brand’s colours and icons to aid navigation and present information in a clear way. The project has been a challenging one but is a great example of how we create user friendly interfaces that enable even the most casual users to access complex, multi-tiered functionality.