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New packaging for FX Sport

Posted by: Absolute Design

FX Sport is an independent sport headphone manufacturer.

Their VR1 headphones are waterproof and can play up to 8GB of music. Over the last few years, the headphones have been enhanced with new functionality and modifications, which meant they needed their packaging updating to look as good as their product.

We have worked with FX Sport for the past three years helping them to promote their product in a highly competitive market. The challenge this year was to construct a box half the size of previous years’, while still maintaining its rigidity to guarantee maximum protection while in transit from China and, more importantly, when being handled on retailers’ shelves.

The box design this year was all self-folding, which meant that there were no tabs that needed gluing and no stickers required to seal the box. All of which meant production costs were kept to a minimum. We have only seen our prototypes, but we cant wait to see the finished products, which are being produced in China as we speak.

We’re sure the new design will fly off the shelves, which will be music to our ears.