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The more and more the web progresses, so does a person’s expectation of a website and what it should do for them. While we of course want our websites to look good, we also need to ensure we are giving our users what they want and how they want it, and one way to do this is by looking at our website’s analytics, to see what users are actually doing…

Choosing your sample

Once you have Analytics set up for your site, choose a date range to sample the representation of a typical user’s behaviour. The date range you choose will depend on your number of visitors, but around six months is a good figure.

General performance

First we need to identify if and where the website is falling short. Once you’ve set your data range, start by looking at how many pages are being viewed on an average visit, how long the time spent on a page is, and what your bounce rate is. If you’re a content-based site and have just a few seconds spent on each page, then you perhaps need to evaluate your content quality.

The bounce rate is normally shown by a percentage, and this means how many people are landing on the site and leaving without interacting with the page at all. In an ideal world we’d all like to see 0% for each page, but the lower the % the better.

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