How we helped unlock Brompton’s Bike Hire

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This week Brompton Bike Hire, sister company of iconic British folding bicycle manufacturer Brompton Bicycles launched its new Brompton Dock at leading transport expo Traffex 2015. It’s a fantastic project and we’re really proud to have played a big role in bringing it to life.

The fully automated docking stations, which store Brompton bikes for you to hire, will soon become a familiar sight at railway stations across the UK. The unit itself has been designed by the acclaimed international design and innovation consultancy seymourpowell. While we were brought onto the project to provide the software that runs the units, as well as the supporting applications such as the website and app.

Working closely with a number of leading companies that included seymourpowell and Brompton Bikes, we were tasked with reviewing the Brompton dock system and revising the infrastructure of the project from the ground up.

Some of the brands we work with...