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Turbo charge your site with a Magento Performance Audit

Posted by: Absolute Design

Magento Performance Audit

Have you considered undertaking a performance audit of your Magento 2 site? We can help identify any areas for improvement in preparation of improving online sales in the New Year.

Performance is a crucial metric for improving SEO and conversions. It is an ongoing process and needs to be tailored to the specific goals of an individual website. There are many metrics available, some of these will be more meaningful to your goals than others, and many of them can vary depending on the testing scenario. 

Popular tools for auditing performance such as Google’s Lighthouse, while giving valuable advice on optimisations to proceed with, should not be treated as a definitive overview of your site’s performance or how it will affect your SEO. For example, Google Lighthouse scores can vary dramatically between two tests on the same page.

This is because depending on how and where your tests run, there are many variables at play, including:

● Your local network - local networks have several variables including packet loss and traffic prioritisation
● Your hardware
● Other applications running on your machine
● Your browser
● Web server variability - the web servers used can have a variable load and do not always respond with the same delay.

Some of these variables can be mitigated with throttling, however, this is not always the case. This means you can make tweaks to your website and testing environment to produce a perfect lighthouse score, but it will not be indicative of a real user’s experience or your search engine rankings. 

The audit that we’ll conduct of your site will provide you with the following:

● An overview of current website optimisation
● Immediate actions to improve performance
This audit is estimated at four hours and will be presented to you in a PDF format. Each audit is unique to the individual site and will include detailed estimates on any actions we recommend. 

Please note:  this work will be undertaken by a senior Magento specialist as opposed to being a 'bot' that generates a low level / standard report.

You can view a recent case study here to find out more.
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