Day one

To ensure a website is themed up for key periods such as Christmas, Valentines, Easter you can introduce landing pages. It'll promote the significant season and help keep your customers engaged. There's an extension that will do all the hard work for you. Get the extensions here:

Magento 1

Magento 2: Stay tuned, there’s one in production

Day two

Wrapping presents in an art form, and not everyone can master the skill. So if you can facilitate it, why not introduce this service. Head to these extensions:

Magento 1 Magento 2

Day three

Try offering free shipping to new customers. It’s a great incentive to lure people to your site at any time.

Enable Magento free shipping:

If you have different requirements for your free shipping, such as a minimum spend, we can help.

Day four

How can a Magento website take advantage of the surge in last minute sales and ensure it’s ready to handle the extra traffic?

Clean the logs from the command line


Magento 1

Magento 2 has this internally built in. Easy!

Day five

Virtual queues aren’t attractive to consumers. So, here’s a handy tool that can be used to speed up a Magento website. Full-page caching is the caching of the entire HTML page, so that it doesn’t have to be generated again for the next user, this reduces load time significantly.

How and where? You can find the real-handy product for both Magento 1 and 2 stores, here:

Full page cache

With this product, merchants have reduced their page load times and raised their revenue by 10% to 35%.

Day six

A simple extension to your Magento website will add a gift registry where customers can create their own Christmas wish lists to share among family and friends. This is a great way of drawing new customers to your site and making them more likely to return.

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Day seven

A simple one but very effective. Making products shareable across sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram essentially turns your customers into your very own sales reps. Add social sharing buttons to your products and you’ll create social circles of trust and push your products to a much wider audience. We recommened:

Magento 1

These can be coded manually but a quick fix extension can be found here:

Magento 2

Day eight

Just like social media, content marketing can attract and convert more customers. Provide them content they’re interested in and it’ll give them a reason to revisit your store and share your updates. Upload helpful shopping lists, gift guides and must haves. It’ll keep your site relevant and help with your page ranking on search engines.

Day nine

Insert a countdown clock on your landing page! A countdown to the big day is a simple way to encourage shoppers to place those all-important last minute orders to ensure delivery before the 25th. Here are the extensions we recommend:

Magento 1 Magento 2

Day 10

The online checkout process is supposed to be quick and painless - make it a lengthy one and would-be shoppers will click off your site. Did you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? So, here’s how you can simplify the checkout process: Introduce Magento's one-page checkout

One step checkout

Alternatively, upgrade to Magento 2 and have an instant one-page checkout, along with many other integrated benefits.

Day 11

Allow us to perform an overall check of your website frontend and server-side performance. This can be particularly effective when combined with the full page cache.

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Day 12

Okay this isn’t one that can be solved in a day, but if you’ve found your Magento site to be a little slow and not as user friendly as you’d like it to be then Magento 2 is the next step for you. Just in time for Christmas 2017!

Magento 2 brings with it a whole host of new features including improved usability, effective plugins and an overall faster performance. Could your business benefit from an upgrade?

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Check out the latest Magento 2 site we’ve created:


Get ready for Christmas

Christmas always comes round sooner than you think, so start planning now to make the most out of 2017. Here we highlight the best modules and hints and tips to attract customers and help fight off the competition.