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On Demand Support for your website from £85 per month

| Posted by Shaun.Wheatcroft

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a rapid increase in the amount of clients signing up to our Magento Support Package. We think it’s easy to see why when you consider the benefits....

The Absolute Magento Support Package is available to both existing and new Magento clients. Support Packages are pre-billed at three hours per quarter, allowing for one hour per month for any additions, consultation or edits to your Magento website..

Most clients find their Support Package useful for picking up smaller jobs and making tweaks to improve performance, for example SEO, Abandoned Cart functionality or small design changes. However, the big advantage is that if you commit to a Magento Support Package we structure the billing into 15-minute increments rather than our standard minimum of one hour. This means you are likely to pay less than you would normally for the same job, as there is no minimum charge levy for supported clients.

In terms of response speed and efficiency, we pre-schedule dedicated developers for support tickets at the beginning of each week, so that we can drop onto requests as soon as possible. This means your requirements will get resolved in a timely manner.

Having a support package also guarantees that your work will be prioritised over other requests for remedial work. Furthermore, you can expect a sub 24 hour response time on all tickets posted via our bug tracking system, Mantis. Access to this system is included as part of the Package and it gives you full overview of the issues in hand. As Support time is earmarked in advance, a Magento Support Package will be your ‘insurance’ that any issues are dealt with within a defined time, rather than them being queued behind work that has already been scheduled within the main workflow.

We have developed our Support Package to provide a competitive, fast response service to clients who appreciate and understand the importance of resourcing the on-going needs of their website, the benefits of which are:

•           Fast issue resolution

•           Timely upgrades

•           Maintaining consistent site productivity

•           On-site design changes

•           Magento system training

Here's what some of our clients who receive continued Magento support have said.

“Due to the nature of the Magento platform and being a SME with very limited resource, the support package we have with Absolute Design offers us great peace of mind and security for our ecommerce business.”
Ecommerce Manager, Alan Paine
“Absolute have always offered a service that is efficient, speedy and value-for-money. I know I can rely on their advice and support in an often technically challenging environment. I would recommend their support package to other businesses.”
Managing Director, The Hire Supply Company

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