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Absolute attends Mage Titans Mini!

Posted by: Clare Rose

Our development team recently attended Mage Titans Mini - an event designed specifically for Magento developers and designers.

Mage Titans host a number of Magento events for developers and designers around the world. The not-for-profit events provide a great resource for the development community. Mage Titans Mini consisted of a small day conference in Manchester, hosted by UKFast. It brought together some of the leading figures in Magento development to discuss how Magento is moving forward, giving an insight into Magento 2. As well as a number of talks throughout the day the annual mini conference also provided a great opportunity for networking.

This year’s event had a packed schedule which included talks by Vinai Kopp - one of the most active members of the Magento community who’s responsible for a number of Magento’s plugins, as well as Ben Marks who’s part of the core development team at Magento.

The event also hosted a panel of Magento contributors and developers, taking questions from attendees and via their social channels. This lead to an interesting discussion into the process and decisions that lead to the tech stack behind Magento 2 and gave a great insight into where the Magento team see the platform heading in the near future.

Our Magento certified frontend developer, Mark Cotton, shares his review of Mage Titans Mini:

“We gained a great deal of knowledge from the event, most notably from a Git repository by Joshua Warren, found here, which is a collection of resources to help with the learning curve between Magento 1 and 2. The Mage Titans organisers were actively promoting attendees to contribute to this resource, so it’s likely it will be the best place to find new information.
“Vinai Kopp, a Titan speaker, introduced us to his YouTube channel, dedicated to helping developers with the transition to Magento 2.
“Also Magento 2 official documentation came highly recommended as they’ve hired a number technical writers this time round and will be keeping this up to date.
“On a final note they could not emphasise enough the importance of having an IDE that allows you to follow your code through to make sure you’re aware of any performance issues and STUDY THE SOURCE CODE, pain is good…apparently!”