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Adobe Commerce vs Open Source Cost Analysis

Posted by: Absolute Design

For many businesses it’s been hard to see the differences and merit between Adobe Commerce and it’s open source sister, both formerly named Magento. It’s also been historically difficult for people to see the true value of Adobe Commerce and more importantly the pro and cloud based offerings, to try and make it easier to digest we’ve built a simpler comparison table which breaks down the potential cost of some of the core features if you were to licence these from third parties directly compared to the potential Commerce licence cost. 

We do have to consider the fact that Adobe has a pricing model based on company revenue so this is only a guide to help you understand possible cost savings of going it alone on open source.

Adobe Commerce vs Open Source Cost Analysis 

Hopefully this helps you understand the possible cost savings you might have by reducing your current dependencies on third parties. This comparison won’t directly apply to everyone but it will really help anyone trying to consider a move from open source.

Handy documents:

Full list of of Adobe Commerce B2B modules which are included in the Pro plan:

More information about Adobe Commerce:

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