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How to prepare for a Magento Exam

Posted by: Clare Rose

Careful preparation for a Magento exam is paramount to success. At Absolute, our Magento certified developers have put together a list of helpful tips, which will hopefully lead to your Magento certification. 

Hands-on experience 

We’d recommend at least a year’s hands-on experience with Magento, to learn the basics. Magento is a complex ecommerce platform and while you may have experience with other ecommerce solutions like Woocommerce, Magento uses a more complex (and flexible) methodology.

Start by practicing the following:

  • Creating a bespoke theme
  • Creating a new module
  • Creating a custom product type
  • Customising the quote object.
  • Resources

    There are a wide range of publications and study guides available to help get to grips with Magento. Take a look over the following resources:

    While you have to provide your details to download the exam, it’s well worth the time. It will tell you exactly what you need to be proficient in.

    This is an excellent resource that breaks down the information about Magento into the exam categories.

    MageCert is similar to the above, but comes in a more readable format. It will teach you the fundamentals of Magento.

    • Magento StackExchange -

    If you have a question about Magento it will most likely have already been answered here. Magento has a huge following and there will be someone with the answer.