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Magento or bust! Test your ecommerce development skills with our new game

Posted by: Absolute Design

To celebrate Christmas last year we created a special online game that challenged people’s knowledge of what is good and bad SEO. It was an amazing success so we'’ve decided to do it again, but this time we’'re celebrating the fact that we are Magento specialists.

Magento is the world leading development platform for ecommerce websites. It’s extremely versatile, powerful and provides lots of opportunities to adapt and expand as a business grows. It’s our preferred ecommerce development platform and most of our transactional websites are built using this CMS by our dedicated team.

Our new game, the Magento Ninja challenge, is a fiendish quiz that challenges you to correctly identify the best (and worst) Magento tips. If you’re new to Magento hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two. And if you’re a Magento veteran then then it’s an opportunity to challenge your colleagues to see who’s the best Magneto Ninja.

To set out on the path of enlightenment and become a Magento Ninja. Then correctly identify which of the statements are top tips and which are big fails to keep the sales rolling in and your business in profit.