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Migrating from M1 to Shopify

Posted by: Absolute Design

As a Magento Partner we understand that not all customers running Magento 1 sites will want to migrate to M2. For example, if you’re a start-up or your online sales are below £500,000.
If you’re still running M1, the chances are your site is at least three years old. In the intervening period, platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify have taken a significant market share (13% each) compared to Magento’s market share of just under 5%.
These alternatives are better suited to smaller ecommerce ‘shop’ sites where there is not the need for a large ERP integration, warehouse management, multi-language / currency, or multi-brand storefronts, B2B functionality etc.
Typically there is also not the need for a bespoke design / theme. Instead, Shopify offers easy to configure themes through a user-friendly admin interface. Also, the same level of custom development to replicate complex business systems is generally not needed
This means for businesses that are mainly on-line, who need a standard shopping customer experience, there is no need to incur the build costs associated with M2 (from £17K). Thanks to Shopify’s low initial build cost, you can benefit from a fully functioning, theme based Shopify site from £3K. In addition, with Shopify operating a software as a service model, you don’t have to worry about additional hosting and support costs either.
However, if your site does require some functional enhancements, Shopify does offer a large variety of ‘apps’ which provide third party integrations (for example ERP integration or Shipping extensions). These are easy to install and configure, and are aimed at smaller-scale stores in terms of their capabilities.
Also, being a Magento Business Solution Partner means we are experts in understanding your Magneto data and ensuring a smooth migration to your new ecommerce platform
With ‘end of support’ for Magento 1 happening in June 2020, there are only a few months left to make the move and avoid the risk of business interruption. With the clock ticking, you may find Shopify is the best solution, especially with it’s quick build time and a cost per transaction payment gateway that works out of the box.
You can read more about our Shopify offering here.
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