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New Year, new opportunities…

Posted by: Absolute Design

As we close the door on 2015, we enter the New Year with large bespoke developer projects, across a variety of industries.

At Absolute, it’s our policy to train PHP developers through to Magento certification in order to tackle our large creative projects; producing high-end and high-performance websites that we and our clients can be proud of. As we look to recruit for more talented developers, here’s what’s in store for Absolute over the coming months…

Magento Enterprise

In 2015 we built a very successful Magento Enterprise website for a large B2C client. Magento Enterprise is perfect for our client; it allows for important customisation and has the ability to build multiple shop fronts on one powerfully engineered backend, without the need for additional plugins, creating a much faster website.

Magento is Absolute’s preferred ecommerce platform and enables specific functionality including improved search performance, additional promo rules, convenient CMS versioning and return merchandise authorisation. Our current client was pleased with their recent Magento Enterprise website and plans are already in place for another Enterprise project with Absolute.

Magento Community

We’re currently creating a website for a leading B2C art distributor. Their current website features a significant community of blogs and areas such as tuition listings, competitions and galleries. Our challenge is to pull all of their community activity (which is built on satellite websites) into one Magento installation, therefore reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Their new website is almost live and features a whole list of highlights and benefits:

  • An imported set of 300k+ customers/users each of whom have access to different parts of the site based on membership level
  • The site can handle 80k+ SKUs
  • An automated integration with their custom-built stock-taking and product management system.

Laravel and Angular JS 

On top of our Magento projects, our frontend and backend developers are currently working on a large bespoke Laravel website, which will be going live in the New Year. Our client, a leading video conferencing business, will be presented with an Angular JS bespoke design and build on top of a Laravel framework, with October CMS. Laravel - the PHP framework for web artisans, allows for creative and flexible website design. The end result will produce a high-performance online video conferencing site, which will enable users to attend meetings and update and amend documents with ease. The user-friendly website will be supported by an app, for on-the-go users.

More Magento…

Three more projects that are in full flow are unique Magento websites. One, a large personalised gifting website, with thousands of products, will integrate with a powerful web-to-print workflow solution.

Another is a website for a new, exciting National Heritage Centre. Originally built as a not-for-profit CMS information site, the new website will see a Magento customisation including ticketing and merchandising. And lastly we’re building a Magento website with complex warehouse integration for a national gadget company.

Brand development

We’re currently reviewing the look and feel of a retail brand for a leading blinds and soft furnishing company, with a view to develop designs for point of sale pattern books with a stronger, more current look to appeal to the end user.