Planning a Successful Website workshop – Review

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On 8th May we held a workshop looking at how to Plan a Successful Website. It was all about how a brilliant website begins on the drawing board as you figure out how each page looks and how all those pages work together.

In terms of design the main focus at this stage of a website’s evolution is on usability, how your clients and customers interact with, and navigate around, your website. This is sometimes referred to as the customer journey, and also applies to physical experiences such as navigating a shop or a conference.

The odd thing about usability is that, when it’s done well, your users will probably not even notice. If they go to your website, quickly find what they’re looking for and buy it with the minimum amount of fuss, it’s a job well done. It’s only when they can’t find what they want or are frustrated by an over complicated checkout process that they may abandon their purchase, never to return.

Some of the brands we work with...