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Google’s deadline for mobile friendly websites

Posted by: Absolute Design

Over half (53%) of all web searches are now performed on mobile devices - a number that is expected to rise.

 This has prompted Google to announce that, from 21st April 2015, a Worldwide change will be made to mobile searches which ‘will have a significant impact’ on search results.

The change essentially means websites that have been optimised for use on mobile devices will be designated as ‘Mobile Friendly’ and given priority in search results over websites that are not mobile optimised. As a result websites that rely upon high search volume from mobile users could experience a significant drop in visitors, and subsequently business, following the 21st April.

Google is geared up to delivering the most relevant content as quickly as possible when you perform a search. Basically, the faster the process from entering a term to delivering the actual content, the better the experience is for the user. So a website’s load speed is a significant factor when it comes to ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  • Content should be easy to read
  • • Navigation needs to be clear and simple to follow
  • • Each page should load quickly - ideally in 3 seconds or less
  • • Calls to action should be obvious and easy to activate

We’'ve recently seen an increase in the number of clients contacting us to redevelop their existing websites so that they can be responsive in time for Google’s deadline. Plus we always consider a responsive design when we develop new websites.