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Internationalise Your Website

Posted by: Clare Rose

If you need to market your business to other countries, an international version of your website can make all the difference – and it’s a little-known fact that there’s funding available to help you. 

We’ve noticed our clients are increasingly looking to maximise the return on their website investment with internationalised versions, such as:

TDX Group

When TDX launched their offices in the US and Spain earlier this year, they needed tailored sites for each territory. We helped them create international versions with content appropriate to each marketplace, and their colleagues in Madrid translated the copy for the Spanish site. We also built technology into the main website that detects the location of the user and directs them to the relevant international version.


We created the AvantiGas Scotland website as a version of their main UK site, customised to the Scottish market. This allows their marketing team to promote their services to this demographic’s specific needs, and give a more ‘Scottish’ feel to the design.


As the UK’s leading producer of knitted fabrics in the textiles sector, Baltex provides technical fabrics to clients in sectors including aerospace, healthcare, military and automotive. The export side of their business is growing, so we helped them leverage their new site design with translated sites for France and Germany.


One of Europe’s premier suppliers of metal and plastic-based materials handling equipment. As with Baltex, they were seeing increasing interest in their products in other European countries, specifically Germany and Spain. We helped them create territory-specific sites, and control which products appear on them – so CargoPak can promote different products in different areas.

Funding your internationalised site

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) offer funding to help you internationalise your website. We’re working with a number of ecommerce clients who’ve taken advantage of this funding, which has helped them add functionality including integration with UPS, currency conversion and overseas distributor logins.