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Isn’t it time you threw concrete5 into the mix?

Posted by: Absolute Design

Wanting to refresh your current website and looking for a flawless platform? Look no further than Concrete5.

There has been a sharp shift from the once-popular WordPress sites, in search of a secure alternative. Concrete5 is increasingly becoming the go-to platform for CMS websites, and at Absolute we understand why. But before we tell you the ins and outs of Concrete5, here are three things you could ask yourself to determine whether you need to upgrade your website:

If your website doesn’'t respond well to mobile, there’'s no doubt that you’'re missing out on potential revenue. Nobody likes slow and unresponsive pages, especially ones that are impossible to navigate on a small screen. Thanks to Samsung, mobile phones have grown in size over the past couple of years but they’'re still not big enough! Not only might your website put visitors off, if your website isn'’t mobile friendly then you'’re less likely to feature in search engine results on mobile devices.

Well-structured SEO can be the difference between landing on page one of Google, or page ten. If your content is badly written with zero keywords, chances are when somebody searches for a term relevant to your business, or even your business name itself, you won’t show up. Websites need refreshing regularly with good content to let search engines know that your website’s still alive and kicking.

Sites powered by WordPress are becoming under increasing attack from hackers, the main reasons being due to WordPress’ popularity and the vulnerability of its plug-ins. A change in your CMS to Concrete5 could significantly reduce that potential threat.

If any of the above struck a chord, it might be time to consider creating a new website and switching platforms. At Absolute, we have the expertise to provide you with a fully responsive mobile-friendly website that is SEOd and ready to go. Choosing the right CMS platform to suit your business needs is also imperative to your website’s success. Concrete5 is rapidly becoming the platform choice for CMS sites and we firmly believe it’s the most cost-effective platform on the market today.

Concrete5 provides the perfect alternative to WordPress, and both large and small businesses trust the platform to ensure their web presence. As mentioned, Concrete5 is the secure alternative to WordPress, with a well-established library of plug-ins, so it’s perfect for professional businesses that want to protect their assets.

Concrete5 is a dynamic open source content management system, which is both robust and flexible, meaning there are few restrictions or limitations with what you can create. It uses the Laravel PHP framework, which makes it better suited to adding on additional bespoke development. At Absolute, we used this flexibility to create our own clean and simple bespoke Concrete5 template, reflecting a professional, corporate image for potential clients. So if you’'re looking for a professional solution to your existing website, one that is much more secure than WordPress, then our bespoke templates could be for you.

What’'s more, Concrete5 caters for inline site editing, allowing the client to simply edit content and images and change colour themes on their site, as and when required.

Axia FX, a client of ours specialising in International financial exchange, required a new website as part of their rebrand. Concrete5 provided the perfect foundation to replace their existing website. We created bespoke HTML and CSS and ensured their website came with all the standard functionality they required. The user-friendly website is clean, professional and easy to navigate.

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