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Leicestershire’s £25,000 grants for boosting business

Posted by: Absolute Design

Enterprising Leicester is offering up to £25,000 in funding to Leicestershire companies to help them boost their business, increase profits and take on more staff. 

If you’re a business-to-business SME with less than 250 employees you could apply for up to £25,000, as long as you match that funding. Even if you’re a business that’s been registered for less than 12 months but aren’t currently trading you could be eligible for up to £5,000 of funding.

The initiative is designed to encourage small businesses to increase their turnover and create new jobs through a variety of projects, including marketing and web development. So it’s a great opportunity for a new business to get funding to create a brand, produce promotional materials or launch its first ecommerce website. A great brand and website can be the making of a business, providing a solid foundation from which to trade and grow.

Even if you already have a website it’s an excellent opportunity to refresh the design and add extra functionality, or look at ways to promote the site through social media campaigns and SEO strategies. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to grow through branding and web development projects of different sizes and scope. So if you have any marketing projects on the drawing board give us a call to find out how we can put them into action.