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PHP comes of age

Posted by: Absolute Design

PHP is no longer a teenager as it celebrates it’s 20th birthday today! 

The first 'version' of PHP, the ubiquitous general-purpose scripting language used in most web development, was released by Rasmus Lerdorf on the 8th June 1995. It simply consisted of a library of C programs and a basic template parser designed to make his life easier by saving him from having to re-input the same script over and over.

The current version, PHP 5, bears little resemblance to its distant ancestor, as it’s gone through significant changes, re-writes and ownership over the years to become the programming language that today is responsible for powering over 80% of the web.

This year will also see the release of PHP 7, which is still in development and slated for a November release. It will mark another giant leap forward for PHP, by enhancing performance and rounding out PHP’s Object Oriented features, among its many major improvements.

And if you’re wondering whatever happened to PHP 6, it never got released. The PHP community started down a path that everyone eventually agreed was a bit of wrong turn, so it was abandoned.