#PHPUK16 The Keynote Speaker’s review

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The PHP UK Conference is one of the most prestigious events in the developer industry. With two days of inspiring talks, networking opportunities and fun socials, PHP UK is the place to be if you want to gain training and improve your knowledge of PHP.

Our Director of Development, Liam Wiltshire, travelled down to London from our Nottingham office to not only gain knowledge but to give a little, too, as a selected Keynote Speaker.

Liam Wiltshire has over 10 years' of developer experience, in particular with PHP. He was contacted by the organisers over at PHP UK and asked to be the closing Keynote Speaker at the conference, which took place on 18-19th February.

Liam'’s keynote was a look into the reasons why PHP developers don’t always give back to the community as much as they should. The developer industry is founded on community involvement, and without people interacting and contributing, creating websites could be a whole lot trickier. Take a look at the slides from Liam’s talk, titled, Got 15 minutes? Then give something back!

Here, Liam gives his review of the two-day conference:

"“Every year, the PHPUK Conference gets better and better, and this year was no exception. There were top-quality speakers covering a wide range of interests, from security - to Magento 2 reviews. The Magento 2 review gave insight into site speed, reiterating that Magento 2 runs on PHP7, meaning it has the potential to be around 50% faster than running on PHP 5, and also how Amazon have calculated that they lost 1% of revenue for every 100ms slower their site was to respond. “
“Imposter Syndrome was also on the roster of talks. On this particular one it was highlighted that everyone suffers it from time to time, but in fact, people who believe themselves ‘lesser’ at a task are actually more often than not at the higher-end of the ability scale for that task. 
"The conference didn’t stop there either –- there were some fascinating discussions going on outside the conference tracks, where developers from all organisations were taking the opportunity to ‘talk shop’ about all range of PHP and technical issues. I received some great feedback from my Keynote, which is fantastic, and as always, our hosts The Brewery were excellent, providing a great backdrop for a productive few days.”"