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What’s new with WordPress?

Posted by: Absolute Design

We create a lot of websites in WordPress and closely follow every new update to ensure that we’re using it to its full potential. Around 25% of all websites have been developed in WordPress making it one of the most widely used open source content management systems available.

It’s very flexible to use and simple to add greater functionality so we use it create everything from simple brochure sites all the way up to all-singing and dancing ecommerce websites. It is regularly updated and added to by a vibrant open source community providing all the latest functionality you’ll need to manage your online business effectively.

The newest update to be released is WordPress 3.9 which promises to make writing and editing your website content a lot easier. Among the many refinements are an improved WYSIWYG editor and live preview allowing you to create photo galleries and edit images without having to make them live and refresh the page to preview the design.

It’s also now possible to drag and drop images into the Visual Editor, which also includes better image editing tools. While the new option to create video and audio playlists makes it as easy to add and organise your media in the same way you would work with images.

If you have a WordPress website the 3.9 update is now available and we highly recommend upgrading. As well as getting the additional functionality the update will also keep your website secure as it fixes a number of bugs. But just be sure to check that the plugins your website uses are up to date and compatible with the new version.

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