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AesthetiCare B2B

A Magento 2 B2B ordering system for specialist healthcare company AesthetiCare 

AesthetiCare is a division of Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd. They’re a private specialist healthcare company who provide professionals with advanced devices, treatments and medigrade skincare. B2B orders are manually processed using Salesforce – a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) and SaaS solution  – following telephone orders. AesthetiCare identified Magento 2 as the perfect platform to take their B2B ordering system online following our introduction of the platform for NEWA Beauty, one of their consumer brands we both designed and developed.

The Challenge

AesthetiCare required an additional storefront to their B2C website that was restricted by a log-in wall meaning only registered and approved suppliers could view and purchase their products. Purchasing restrictions needed to be in place as certain ranges were subject to professional, medical qualifications or require the customer to attend product specific training. AesthetiCare’s inventory was also subject to different pricing bands based on customer type.

What We Did

We extended Magento’s customer profiles to include Yes/No options for each professional, medical qualification or training programme. The same list was assigned to each product so the administrator could indicate which product required which qualification. Once logged in customers could see all products at their own price point; however, they would be notified on-page if they visited a product they were not trained on.

To help upsell and raise awareness of new brands each customer could access the entire catalogue. If they tried to purchase a brand they were not signed-up to distribute, they would to be requested to call the AesthetiCare team. As well as this an email is automatically generated to inform the AesthetiCare administration team that a customer is interested in a new range.
We also introduced a number of key B2B features such as the ability for some customers to pay on account, and restrictions on purchasing if the customer had reached their credit limit or had outstanding invoices.

At present all orders and customer data are kept up-to-date using flat file exchanges between Magento and SalesForce. The next phase of the project will be to integrate with SaleForce directly.