Work » Atomic Interiors

Design & build of a Magento 2 website, involving the migration of a large and complex product catalogue from a proprietary solution.

Plus development of a bespoke solution for estimating overseas shipping.

The Challenge

Atomic are a leading contemporary furniture business, with over twenty years experience in sourcing and supplying furniture and lighting. Atomic also operate a dedicated commercial team working exclusively on projects for offices, retail, residential and hospitality. Their showroom displays the best in modern furniture and lighting, and has a constantly changing display.

Atomic originally commissioned a proprietary ecommerce website, which had become dated and costly to develop. Having researched ecommerce platforms, and with an eye on those with proven integrations with their new accounts system, Atomic chose Magento 2 as the ideal solution to showcase their full catalogue of products and to reach a global audience.

Atomic also had specific requirements with regards to overseas shipping and wanted to migrate existing product data from their proprietary system.

What we did

We were supplied with desktop visuals that we recreated in PhotoShop in order to comply with our Absolute Theme and its Bootstrap responsive grid. And in the process, considered how they could work on mobile devices.
The vast majority of Atomic’s products have a large amount of options, many of which affect the total price. An export of the proprietary database was supplied and a migration exercise was undertaken to transfer that data into Magento 2.

The variety of products and their differing size, weight and fragility means it is difficult for Atomic to estimate delivery costs outside of the UK. In order to resolve this issue, Absolute modified an existing M2 module (Cart2Quote) so orders requiring shipping outside of the UK were created as a quote. Cart2Quote allows shop owners to receive quote requests prior to a sales order, giving the ability to negotiate prices with their customers before purchasing.

Absolute also implemented a number of B2B additions such as allowing specific customers to view prices with or without VAT when logged in.

Careful consideration was also needed in terms of SEO continuity, structuring the website and redirecting pages where necessary in order to help maintain Atomic’s organic search volumes.