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Fired Earth

A cutting-edge design and user experience study for a legendary lifestyle brand.

The Challenge

Fired Earth is a firmly established and trusted brand in the home sector, known for its influence on trends, high quality products and great design. In print and in-store the brand has been presented strongly, however, online, the brand had become tired with a poor customer experience and a very dated looking site that was lagging behind the competition. Both in terms of brand and technology their website was in need of updating.

We were commissioned to conduct a brand audit and creative workshop to identify what the brand stood for and where it was going, so that we could design a cutting-edge website that was relevant and reinforced the brand as a market leader.

As the brand operated in multiple markets within their sector we were also challenged to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the difficulties facing them online, and to create a best-of-class user experience that worked across multiple categories; Tiles, Paint, Bathrooms and, Kitchens.

What we Did

First of all, we needed to understand the business objectives and website goals before prioritising these for the client.  We looked at all existing analytics for their current website and also conducted heat mapping research on the site. We then created empathy maps to take the user journey research to the next level.

This allowed us to understand the different customer types and their profiles. From here we were able to investigate each of their user journeys from initially landing on the site through to making a purchase for each different product type, for instance tiles, paint, bathrooms and kitchens.

 Using the intelligence and insights gathered from the workshop we moved into the UX and planning phase to map out user journeys, create a sitemap and wireframe templates, new functionality and widgets.

Working with the client closely we refined our understanding to create a design solution that both; answered their needs, understood the issues they were struggling with online, and strategically moved the online experience forward in the right direction while creating an effortless and memorable transaction.

The next step was to turn our wireframes into a working prototype of the site so the client could get a better understanding of how it felt to navigate the shop as a customer, and use the new features and functionality. This allowed us to collaborate intelligently, reviewing and refining the transactional process and the design solution.

Once this was approved we moved onto the design of the site. Using our learning’s from the brand audit and workshop, we were able to confidently take the essence of the brand, our understanding of the brand style and conceive a creative direction that brought the online brand experience up to the same high level of the print and in-store experience.