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The ideal tool for TruYu.

A new non transactional Shopify site to showcase TruYu's product range.

Truyu has recently undergone a rebrand from QVS. It is the sister brand of household beauty tool brand Tweezerman. They are a national supplier of grooming and makeup tools to the beauty sector including brushes, sponges, tweezers and nail clippers. 

"Absolute have been pleasure to work with. From our initial conversation they helped to provide guidance on selecting a platform to meet our needs. We chose to go with Shopify and the team at Absolute worked collaboratively with us all the way through to create a tailored site, ensuring that our brand TruYu is shown in the best possible way, creating a great experience for consumers".

TruYu required a new site to promote and showcase their new brand and to enable them to  display and manage their extensive product catalogue. They also wanted to encourage B2C visitors to make the onward journey to their distributor network. Utilising their new branding, Absolute created a UX-led and customer focused design to help elevate their brand. The Shopify SAAS platform was chosen as the perfect partner to showcase their products online.

The Challenge

We needed to display TruYu’s products and associated features in an easy to reference way and to encourage users to use the site to find their nearest stockist. Shopify was the ideal solution because of its product oriented focus and powerful CMS features. Also, because the site is non-transactional the client does not incur the supplemental charges Shopify adds to third party gateways, which can become an expensive overhead as transactions scale up.

Due to the fact that the site is non-transactional, it’s difficult to monitor direct conversion rates, however the client can evaluate brand awareness via the increase in site visits and the associated increase in social media engagement. The new site is also targeted at potential distributors who can view the new range of products quickly and easily.

The Solution

The resulting bespoke design reflects the organic shapes of the product packaging, which took a higher level of front end finessing than usual during development. Content blocks were created and training provided for the client to be able to create their own additional pages, meaning the client is not reliant on an agency for day to day or seasonal updates. We also incorporated video into the header design to add engagement to the page.

Complete your routine
The product detail page features a  ‘complete your routine’ section, where associated products appear which illustrate to customers which items are used to compliment the look they are viewing - a great way to upsell and create awareness of the tools needed for the whole routine of grooming or makeup application. Products can also be tagged to feature labels that indicate newly introduced ranges and best sellers.

Distributor page
We created a page for users so they could quickly and easily find stock in their locality and provided training in order for the client’s team to populate and maintain themselves -  including links to online distributors in addition to the physical store locations. It is also a great way for TruYu to promote less known distributors and an incentive to stock the brand.

Going forward
Although currently just in English, the site has multi-language capability for future expansion into other markets when TruYu are ready for that part of their marketing strategy. We also integrated a review system so as that data becomes available it can immediately be displayed on the site.

Absolute’s certified Shopify developers have expertise in delivering Shopify design & build projects for our ecommerce and non-transactional clients such as TruYu. For a no obligation, highly accurate estimate and timeline for a new Shopify site, please get in touch with us.


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