Coffee Central

Discover how we collaborated with Coffee Central to build a powerful web app that simplifies ordering, boosts efficiency, and delivers a top-notch customer experience.

Coffee Central PWA

Our goal was to streamline Coffee Central's customer experience. This involved enabling seamless reorders, intuitive product selection, and direct service requests – all through a Progressive Web App (PWA) to accompany the main B2B site.



Coffee Central approached us seeking an optimised ordering process for their B2B customers.

They wanted to create a PWA offering mobile-friendly access for reordering and purchasing additional barista supplies.

A key requirement was a "Service Request" feature, allowing customers to easily schedule machine maintenance or request an engineer visit if they were experiencing issues.

PWA Benefits:

Offline Access & Lightning-Fast Loading: Coffee Central's PWA intelligently stores (or 'caches') previously visited pages and their assets. This means repeat visits load almost instantly, offering a seamless experience even with unreliable internet connectivity.

App-Like Presence: Customers can install the PWA directly onto their device's home screen, much like a native app. This gives it a dedicated icon, boosting brand visibility and ensuring customers won't lose your site amongst multiple open browser tabs


Intuitive Design: Our design team began with responsive wireframes, ensuring the PWA adapted to various devices. This provided Coffee Central with a clear layout preview. Following approval, we created a visually appealing design in Adobe XD that aligned seamlessly with their established brand identity.

Platform Choice: We recommended Magento 2 as the ideal platform for this project. Its built-in functionality and streamlined PWA development capabilities offered a robust and adaptable solution.

Cost-Effective Approach: This project highlights the advantage of Magento 2 for B2B 'light' functionality. Its open-source nature meant considerable cost savings over platforms like Adobe Commerce, while still delivering essential features.

Custom Functionality:

Service Requests: We developed a dedicated Service Request page, enabling customers to submit inquiries or schedule engineer callouts directly from their account.

Quick Order: This feature was designed for rapid reordering of regular supplies. Each customer's Quick Order list is pre-populated based on their purchase history, ensuring the most frequently used products are always one click away.


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