App development

With an ever-expanding array of devices and platforms available, we have a team of experienced developers crafting responsive solutions. As well as native apps for iPhone and Android we deliver solutions that can be deployed across platforms from a single codebase utilising frameworks such as React and Gatsby.


Functionality that was once associated with bespoke software is now available in web and mobile apps.

Working with the latest languages and technologies, utilising JavaScript solutions such as Angular, Vue.js and React, we have successfully developed and helped to launch applications in the travel, communications, lifestyle and finance industries.

These solutions have helped businesses to provide their customers with new experiences, reduce costs and increase revenue. This has included developing unique solutions from gift customisation, bike hire and video conferencing to facial recognition and health tracking.

Planning is key with app development. Our team of dedicated developers are experienced at working with clients to bring their vision to life and help them understand how they can expand their reach.

We have experience developing bespoke solutions as well as third-party APIs for both data consumption and extended functionality.

We’ve worked on a range of services from Facebook for social media integration to Google and Microsoft for single sign on, document storage and calendar integrations.


What type of app do I need?

As you can see from the below Q&As;, there are a number of proven solutions as well as exciting emerging technologies allowing you to bring your product / service to your users. At Absolute we have a team of knowledgeable developers who can work with you to make sure your idea is delivered in the best way for your product.

What is a PWA (Progressive web app)?

Progressive web apps are between websites and mobile apps, they’re an emerging technology that allow a website to utilise more native features of a device such as push notifications, touch gestures and offline storage. A traditional website needs internet connection, some native apps don’t require internet access and a progressive web app can build on these underlying technologies to make access to offline data possible. At present progressive web apps are limited by their mobile browser support.

What is a Native app?

A native app is developed for one particular mobile platform for example iOS or Windows. In most cases a native app will have the best performance, access to a full feature set for the specific platform and a device specific specific user interface. The advantages of a native app come at a cost as you will need to have a separate app developed in a different language for each device, making this the most expensive solution.

What is a SPA (Single page application)?

Single page applications are web apps that have a single point of access with content loaded dynamically using AJAX, this creates an engaging experience allowing you to browse between pages without the browser reloading as you would traditionally expect. Popular frameworks such as AngularJS, Vue.js, React, Meteor.js and Ember.js can be used to create single page applications.

What is a Hybrid app?

Hybrid apps are developed in the same languages as your traditional website and use a native wrapper such as Cordova. This allow access to the devices internal APIs such as camera and storage, allow a lot of complex app features to be developed using a single code base. Hybrid apps can be deployed to different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows and downloaded from the corresponding app stores.

What is a Web app?

Web apps run in the browser on your computer and are similar to your traditional website, written in the same languages, but tend to provide more complex and unique functionality you would expect to find within software. Examples of web apps include things you may use on a daily basis such as web mail or Google Drive.


App Planning and Design & Data Integration

Can my app have a bespoke design?

Our in house design team are experienced in planning and designing apps, allowing us to provide a bespoke solution, which meets your exact requirements and stands inline with your brand.

What about my data needs?

Often your app will need to consume data, this data is then adapted to your apps specific needs. Data can be contained within the app, or stored external and accessed as and when needed. We have experience working with data in many forms, handling imports, setting up APIs to provide data access and utilising existing APIs.

Can I integrate with other systems?

Our developers are experienced integrating with third party systems this can perform many different tasks such as accessing data such as documents or calendars, or extending functionality such as single sign in or analytics. We can help you to look at the integrations which will benefit you project and how best to leverage these.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language used by APIs to exchange data and is an alternative to REST. GraphQL is open source and developed by Facebook.

What is Node?

Node (Node.js) is a JavaScript environment used to execute JavaScript server-side, this allows JavaScript to be used for tasks that have previously been considered backend and associated with languages like PHP, Python, .NET or Ruby etc. You may have heard of NPM a popular package manager which allows developers to easily share Node projects.

What is Cordova?

Cordova is an open source development framework for mobile applications. Cordova is used as a wrapper between your application and the device allowing access to native APIs.

What is Angular?

Angular is a web application platform, it is an open source platform developed by a team at Google. As Angular has become more popular you may have heard of it under a number of names such as Angular, Angular 1, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5 or AngularJS. Generally AngularJS is used to refer to the original version of Angular or Angular 1, and Angular is now used to describe any version after this, such as Angular 2+. Angular is utilised for building web apps, hybrid apps and single page applications.

What is vue.js?

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, this can be used to develop single page applications and web apps. Vue.js is a lightweight solution developed by an ex Google employee, based on some of the principles of AngularJS.

How do I plan my app?

Planning your app can be complex and daunting, however are in-house teams of designers, developers and project managers can take the stress away. We have experience planning, designing and developing solutions from simple content based apps throughout to complex apps with facial recognition and unique customisation.

What is an API (Application programming interface)?

An API consists of protocols and tools used for building apps, we use APIs all over the Internet for tasks such as retrieving and sending data. An API can be used as a central service to server multiple apps or websites, giving them access to data and extended functionality. An example of a popular API is Google Maps, used by Taxi apps all over the world to provide geographical data. Frameworks are commonly used to create APIs including Symfony, Slim, Lumen and our favourite Laravel.

What is REST?

You may have heard of REST referred to as RESTful web services or Representational state transfer. REST is a way of providing the ability to exchange and make use of information between computer systems on the internet..

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP Framework that is widely used to create bespoke apps and API’s. It’s comes included with various packages that speed up development and save time.

What is Electron?

Electron is a JavaScript, HTML and CSS framework to leverage the development of cross platform desktop apps. Using these technologies that underline most website this can be used to create software. You may have used Electron projects without even knowing, with popular software such as and Slack included in the impressive list of desktop apps built using Electron.

What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is powered by Cordova and is a framework of tools used for app development. PhoneGap is now owned by Adobe, the software distributor who create many of the tools we use for design.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, developed by Facebook and used in a number of their projects as well as many of the worlds largest websites. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, New York Times and Yahoo Mail. It’s popularity comes from it being a very small library to learn that focuses just on the view element and can be used with other libraries / frameworks to produce apps. React is used to take care of the state by creating elements in a virtual browser, with its efficient algorithm only the elements that are updated to be swapped out when state is changed.

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