Magento and Magento 2 technical and security audits


We're a Magento Business Solution Partner who provide professional audits to help your eCommerce store maintain great performance. This is in four key areas; technical, security, digital marketing and Magento 2 migration.


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General Site Audit

This is often the first step in our support onboarding and allows our senior Magento dev’s to evaluate the quality of your site build. We never use automated reports, but rather our most senior Magento developers evaluate your Magento sites front & and back end code structure to assess performance and suggest improvements plus potential security vulnerabilities.

Magento 2 Migration Audit

Although you can't upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you can migrate customer and product data. A good starting point is to audit your current site for module and core code compatibility.

Why you need a Magento 2 Migration Audit

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 requires careful planning by senior Magento certified developers. Take the first step to migrating with our strategic Migration Audit. The audit will help establish key issues such as 301 redirects, product and customer data transfers. It’s important to minimise risk when embarking on a large-scale development task so an audit is essential to allow us to handle your redevelopment. Aspects covered:

  • 301 redirects
  • Customer and order data transfers
  • Product data transfers Design migration
  • Existing 3rd party module M2 availability
  • Bespoke modules which need porting to M2
  • Core code changes which need modularising

Digital Marketing Audit

Do you need to see more of a return on your PPC campaigns? Perhaps your SEO strategy is lacking…strategy? A Digital Marketing Audit for your Magento store will leave you streets ahead of your competitors.

Are you experiencing any of these issues with your current site?

  • Low search engine ranking
  • Lack of meta data
  • Broken URLs
  • Slow site speed
  • Low traffic
  • Poor PPC campaign return

If you’re spending a large amount of your magento ecommerce budget on SEO strategy and PPC campaigns and not seeing the return on investment that you’d like, a Digital Marketing Audit could be just what you need.

Magento Security Audit

We offer a security and maintenance report that would be tailored to your site. We can run the report monthly or quarterly, depending on the specific requirements of your site, or more frequently if your site has been previously compromised.

Examples of issues we would consider include:

  • Checking the version of any third party modules you are running to establish if they are on the most up to date release.
  • Reviewing database logs to see if there are any minor issues being flagged which may need further investigation.
  • Assessing site speed and advising what could be done to improve it.
  • Admin login security check.
  • Reviewing the permissions for Magento code.

Our Magneto security and maintenance audit typically takes 1 hour to undertake.

Magento Technical Audit

Your Magento website may be experiencing technical errors, resulting in poor performance in terms of speed or customer experience. Discover more by booking a technical audit with our experienced Magento certified developers.

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