CRO and Performance


Once our clients have set up and launched their analytics, they often come to us to optimise their site to meet certain business objectives. In this instance, we recommend clients consider undertaking a CRO exercise as part of their continuous improvement cycle.

CRO stands for conversion rate optimisation. The exercise typically involves a period in which we’ll monitor the analytics and gain insights. We’ll document any observations where users may be confused or stuck on your site, and have a less than optimal experience in the sales funnel. Typically we see issues with category pages (PLP) and product detail pages (PDP), search results, or the basket to the checkout flow of the website. These observations often carry a value case to the business to rectify, which we’ll document alongside an estimate for the item to be fixed.

We’ll set up regular meetings with our clients, during which we’ll run through our findings and assign priorities to fix the issues we’ve identified in an order that makes the most sense in terms of ROI. We’ll propose low effort, high impact points as the quickest wins, and ensure good progress throughout the exercise.


The exercise kicks off with us linking up the client’s website with heatmap and behaviour analytics software (we use hotjar and MS clarity), helping us to capture how users interact with their website.

Once up and running we’ll monitor this for a period of time. Typically we need at least one month so that we can capture week-over-week trends in key user behaviour metrics, top performance stats, and selected session metrics.

Once we have collected all this user session data, we’ll share any insights with the client and produce a roadmap document that serves to identify issues based on real user frustrations and provide a development estimate to fix any elements that may need additional work to solve specific issues.


We’ll help you to prioritise these into effort vs impact so we can easily identify the lowest hanging fruit.

The plan of works can last anywhere from a few months into a regular ‘continuous improvement cycle’ with a planned cadence of pushing regular updates to the site every few weeks, so you can always be sure that your site is being supported, improved and optimised with the user in mind.

Our clients have seen huge gains in user satisfaction and performance as a direct result of the cro exercise. Let us show you how we can help support you best once your site is up and running.

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