Frontend Development

Our frontend and backend development teams work seamlessly together to ensure skilfully created backends sit perfectly onto beautifully crafted and user-focused frontend developments.


Your digital experience finely engineered backend needs a perfectly optimised frontend to match. Our designers will work to make sure user interface is presented with the finest user experience, while our frontend developers will ensure that your data is integrated and clearly displayed to meet your needs.

A creatively crafted frontend will help sell your website, and with over 60 years’ programming experience between us, we’re fluent in cutting-edge technologies.

Our design-led approach specialises in hand-coded HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, using both progressive enhancement and graceful degradation techniques. We use a range of techniques including SVGs and subtle animations to make your solution stand out.


Our frontend development team craft HTML, CSS and JS to deliver functionally rich user experiences.

Precise planning allows us to identify when to integrate with the latest technologies to insure your solution pushes the boundaries and moves your business forward.

When developing feature rich data-driven solutions, our frameworks of choice include Angular. We’ve used Angular to deliver a range of solutions including video conferencing applications for Questmark, Fintech dashboards for Whites and our popular Magento Ninja game.


Absolute create fully responsive, mobile-ready solutions that work across platforms and devices.

We’re aware that one size no longer fits all with an expanding range of devices having access to your solutions from mobile devices to watches and televisions. We consider your audience and associated breakpoints from planning through to integration to make sure your customers can interact with your solution on any screen size. Creating touch friendly solutions and where needed providing platform or device specific apps.

As search engines such as Google use mobile-friendliness as a ranking indicator on mobile searches, it’s best practice to invest in a responsive site. We can also offer different content on the mobile version of your site, such as location-specific functions that use your device’s physical position.


The endless combination of platforms and devices using the web mean that cross-browser, cross-device and functional testing are all vital to your websites success.

At Absolute we stay up to date on the most used combinations as well as looking at your specific audience to make sure we’re creating a test plan that suits you. Using BrowserStack, an industry-standard cross-platform test tool, we can check your website works successfully in hundreds of different combinations using both virtual and physical devices.

Checking for simple through to complex errors on browsers including Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox and safari across a range of different devices and operating systems all mean that your website is primed to work in a wide range of environments.


Once our frontend team who specialise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript have crafted you a beautiful user interface our development team will make sure it’s integrated with your chosen solution.

Whether that be an e-commerce solution such as Magento or Shopify or integration with your ERP, social platforms or an API (Web Service Integrations). We can even develop your own API to link your deliverables and provide a central access point for data.


What Is Frontend Development?

Frontend development utilises HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide the output your users interact with on your website or web application.

What Is A Prototype?

Some solutions require prototypes, which are a preliminary version of your solution. At Absolute our designers can work with you to create interactive prototypes, immersing you in your solution before any development takes place. This allows us to work together to reach the right solution for you.

What Is jQuery?

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library. This library is often used to assist with event handling and animation.

What Is A CSS Preprocessor?

You may have heard of CSS referred to by another name such as SASS, LESS, Stylus or PostCSS. These are preprocessors, which are unique syntaxes that add additional features that don’t exist in CSS. These are compiled into pure CSS, which is then served as part of your solution.

What Information And Data Can I Take From My Existing Site?

We can help migrate your key content, such as existing products, categories, customers and orders.

What Is Mobile First?

Mobile first is a design / development approach considering smaller resolutions first and then adding additional features as the available space increases. By considering smaller resolutions first we can make sure you’re users are getting the core features across platforms and devices.

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