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Powerful brand strategy can transform your organisation, bringing a recognisable and coherent experience to your customers. Absolute Design is a branding agency based in West Bridgford, Nottingham and have over 25 year’s experience delivering branding solutions, digital strategy and creative graphic design campaigns.


Often brands don’t reflect your position in the market place, it’s either dated or not fit for today’s mobile platforms. Your logo is your identity and should represent you in a way that you want to be remembered. Regularly evaluating and updating your brand is essential to stay in sync with market dynamics.


As a leading Midlands branding agency based in Nottingham, Absolute brings energy and expertise to every branding project. By helping clients evoke change and redefine expectations we push the creative envelope to help brands really stand out.


1 Brand Workshops

We host interactive workshops either online or in person at our main office in West Bridgford, Nottingham, to dive deep into your brand to find out your business beliefs, purpose and vision. We will pick your brains to understand your target audience, your unique selling points and your industry to help us move your brand forward in the right direction.

2 Brand Strategy

Why brand strategy is so important

Behind every successful brand is a brand strategy that helps companies make informed decisions that define the direction of the business, enhance customer experience and to achieve company growth.

Brand strategy is much more than designing a fancy logo or a catchy tagline, it’s a combination of several elements that come together that make you stand out from your competitors. It’s everything from your visual identity, your tone-of-voice all the way through to your customer experience.

There are several reasons why brand strategy is important

A strong brand strategy is vital for building connections with your clients and future customers. It will help improve customer loyalty, drive brand awareness, build repeat business and stimulate company growth. However, business who fall short of a well-considered strategy will see their brand become disjointed, uninspiring or forgettable.

With 25+ years under our belt we’ve helped take clients on this journey many times before, so we’ve got the experience to add value every step of the way. With expert industry knowledge, in-depth discovery sessions and factual data we can deep dive into your target audience to help achieve your businesses short and long-term goals.

3 Brand Names

Whether you’re setting up a new business or launching a new product range, coming up with a new brand name can be a daunting task. However, with over 29 years under our belt we’ve helped clients find the perfect name many times before. By conducting in depth competitor research whilst checking available domain names, we’re able to create a name that's not only unique to you, but a name that you are truly proud to put your name to.

4 Brand Development

Every brand has a job to do

Brand development goes way beyond just a logo, it’s the foundation of your companies’ beliefs. It says who you are, it’s a reflection of how people see you and how it sets you apart from your competitors. Brand development is a collaborative process of creating and refining your company’s image to help increase brand awareness and to increase customer engagement.

Absolute live and breathe brands. Our strategic and creative approach will bring your brand to life to help you connect to the outside world. Our brand experts will conduct a brand audit so we can really get underneath the hood so that we can expose the area’s that need to be enhanced. We will work with you to determine the best route forward, you may find you only need a brand refresh, but sometimes a full rebrand may be required.

Our brand strategists will look to strengthen your brand positioning by developing the following areas:

Brand name
Brand positioning
Your brand mission/story/values
Colour palettes
Graphic elements

At Absolute, our team of brand experts will help and advice you every step of the way from the initial discovery meeting all the way through to the brand roll-out. If you are looking for an experience brand agency, get in touch.

5 Tone-of-Voice

Not everything can be visualised. A tone-of-voice is all about creating a strong and clear language style for your brand. This includes your brand values, beliefs and messaging. It is important that your tone-of-voice is created clearly so that it is easy for all future materials to maintain on brand.

6 Brand Guidelines

It’s important that every business has a strong set of brand guidelines that can be followed internally or by external partners. Brand guidelines which can also be referred to as style guides contain all the rules set out by your brand, from logo placement, typography, tone-of-voice to tone-of-imagery. With an in-depth set of guidelines, you can be assured that everyone will be able to maintain brand consistency across all your marketing materials.


Your brand may have looked contemporary and engaging a few years ago, but the rule of thumb is that every brand should be reviewed every 10 years. A hard working brand is a necessary component to any successful marketing strategy, even a simple refresh will help reignite your brand to help ensure you stand out.


Brand recognition and how your brand is working across all marketing channels has never been more important. Both B2C and B2B customers’ buying habits are changing with online sales growing at record levels.

As a brand owner, you must ensure your brand stands out. Get it right and as part of a successful marketing strategy, your business will flourish.

Technology is constantly changing with more customers viewing brands on mobile devices, ask yourself - have you reviewed your brand since you upgraded your mobile phone? If not, is your brand working in today’s digital era.

At Absolute, we create and refresh brands for a wide range of businesses and understand the many factors needed to make a successful brand whilst ensuring that any investment in branding generates a profitable return.

  • Is your brand performing in the current digital market?
  • Does your brand reflect your current service offering on your USPs?
  • How your brand can be improved.
  • Some ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately.

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1 We specialise in old and new brands

We specialise in creating and launching new brands as well as refreshing existing ones. Our experts will work with you and your marketing team to deliver the best solutions.

2 We make your brand work

As an award-winning eCommerce and branding agency in Nottingham, we know how to make your brand work in a digital market place and part of a digital transformation strategy.

3 Build long lasting relationships

We partner with B2B and B2C businesses who are looking to build long-lasting relationships to increase engagement and drive sales.

4 Based in Nottingham

We’re a branding agency based in Nottingham, that also offer graphic design and web design services. We offer the same level creative expertise as London agencies but at regional prices.


Since the rebrand, WinTech Racing saw enquiries through their website increase by 71% and quote requests up by 100% compared to the previous year. Our brand review will support your business to deliver improved commercial results and cost effective ROI.


Absolute have the experience and capabilities to help bring brands to life, through engaging experiences both on and offline. We help businesses connect with their audience and help deliver a measurable difference.



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