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First impressions are crucial, especially in the digital age where videos and photography play a significant role in how people perceive a brand or a website. High-quality imagery and motion graphics make a big difference in creating a positive and professional impression. With over 25 years of experience in professionally filming and photographing various subjects, we can offer valuable expertise to businesses and individuals looking to enhance their off and online presence.


High-quality video, motion graphics and photography all play an essential role in representing your business and brand effectively. Professional, well-composed images convey a sense of professionalism, authenticity, and uniqueness that stock libraries often can't provide. Whether it's product photography, office interiors or images of your team, investing in professional photography is a valuable asset to your branding and marketing strategy.

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With people we often focus on a “Positive Reportage” style using short depth of field, interesting angles, colour, blur and motion, interesting natural light and all combined with the key moment to open the shutter and capture the image.

Our primary goal is to get the clients message across in a realistic, honest and credible way. We work quickly and efficiently putting people at ease immediately and getting them on side from the outset and hopefully leaving them with an enjoyable memory of the shoot. We aim to create images which are strong, bold, clear, sharp, vibrant and as interesting as possible while still conveying the clients key messages.

We shoot everything digitally which works well in all different lighting situations, and is especially good for interiors which often negates the need for setting up lighting and makes the shoot quicker, and the results are more natural, realistic and relaxed. We work with people a lot so we are used to using “Models” as well as “Real People”.

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Product shots are mainly done in the studio, although we can take the studio set up on location if that's more convenient. We have a large light table permanently set up in the studio and another area for larger floor standing products.

Absolute provides comprehensive end-to-end photography services, from capturing the perfect shots to delivering meticulously crafted post-production work that achieves your desired look and style. Our team offers a full-service experience meaning that we will be there to support you every step of the way.

We’ll start the process off by compiling a mood board so that we can establish the desired look and feel of the photography, we’ll then storyboard the shoot to make sure we capture everything we need on the day, we can provide props, green screens and models depending on your requirement. We use top of the range Canon cameras and prime lenses if needed. The studio is a tailored workspace with an infinity cove, it has kitchen facilities and a model changing area.

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There is one key rule to remember when shooting on location. Always take everything you might possibly need!

This is dictated by the location and having a total understanding of the clients requirements but will probably include spare cameras, cards, lenses, batteries, leads, power packs, flash heads, flash guns, lens filters and various other things which are already in the bottom of the camera bag.

Basically you’ve got to come back with the results you need, which are often not the same as the preconceived ideas you had on the journey there.

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As a full-service creative agency in Nottingham, Absolute have the added benefit of having everything in-house, this means we are able to control the creative process every step of the way. Our videographers will bring your videos to life so that your website and social media assets have eye-catching content. Our graphic designers can manipulate and clean up your photography to achieve the desired look and feel and our copywriters can make sure your tone-of-voice is on point across all touch points.

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High-quality video and animations can significantly enhance your brand's appeal and effectiveness in engaging with your audience.

We offer a full suite of visual storytelling tools for businesses, including motion graphics to captivate audiences with dynamic animations that add a cutting edge feel to your digital content, video editing to craft compelling narratives from footage to create polished and impactful videos, and video production to effectively communicate your brand's story, enhancing engagement, improving brand recognition, and driving customer connection.

High-quality videos are more engaging to viewers. They can capture attention more effectively than text or still images, leading to increased viewer interest and engagement. Videos and animations can also be repurposed for various platforms (like social media, YouTube, and email campaigns), making them a versatile tool in your marketing that helps convey your brand’s message more effectively.



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