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As a leading Magento support agency, we are dedicated to offering top-tier services tailored to the unique needs of businesses across different sectors. Choose from a range of Magento support packages designed to meet your specific requirements.

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What are Magento Support Packages?

Our Magento website support packages are tailored to ensure the smooth running of your Magento store. They encompass a range of services from technical troubleshooting, security updates, performance checks, to regular maintenance. The primary aim is to ensure your Magento store is consistently up-to-date, secure, and performing at its best.

With our Magento eCommerce support, you can be confident that your online store remains optimised for sales. Whether you're on Magento 2 or another version, having reliable Magento support is crucial for the ongoing success of your eCommerce business.


Choose Your Magento Support Package




Support Hours per Month


8 - 16


Account Manager Calls

1 per month

2 per month

1 per week

Access to Ticket Board




Monthly Security & Maintenance Report*




Business Review with Senior Team

Every 6 months

Every 3 months

Every 3 months

Uptime Monitoring & Downtime Alerting



Quarterly Technical SEO Audit*



Quarterly UX Audit*


Quarterly Performance Audit*


*These reports/audits are deductible from your monthly retainer hours

Our Magento support packages are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, going beyond just security and maintenance. Clients can allocate their support hours towards site upgrades, design tasks (including print design), frontend styling, the introduction of new features, liaising with

SEO agencies, general e-commerce guidance, integration with third-party services, and resolving hosting-related concerns. Your dedicated account manager is on hand to ensure that your support time is utilised efficiently and in line with your business objectives.

Unlock the power of premium Magento support! Don't leave your store's potential untapped. Contact us and let's chart the path to eCommerce excellence together.

Why choose Absolute as your Magento Support agency?

Faster reaction times: we review our support schedule daily, so we can action client needs more quickly.

Same day response: we aim to respond to support tickets within 24hrs during the working week.

Secure off-site cloud code storage: this allows us to track differing versions, protects against hardware failures and allows multiple developers to work on the codebase efficiently without causing conflicts.

Access to ticketing system: to raise issues as they become apparent and track their progress.

Transparent reporting on your project time & budget: we utilize a dedicated CRM system to estimate, track and update your plan.

No development outsourcing: Our policy is not to outsource any work; this makes for better coding, improved project management and efficient delivery. Our Certified Magento Developers all work from our Nottingham HQ.



  • Dedicated Account Manager 

  • Dedicated client dashboard and ticket-based management and reporting system 

  • Adobe Bronze Business Solution Partner 

  • Team of Magento Certified Developers and Solution Specialists 

  • In-depth maintenance checks routinely performed on your site once per month 

  • Priority critical incident response 

  • Platform monitoring

  • Pro-active security updates 

  • Flexible budget management with reduced rate over-run 


The initial phase of our Magento technical support always starts with an extensive site audit.

The site audit takes approximately 5 hours to complete. Undertaken by two senior Magento developers, this audit produces a bespoke report detailing any issues or improvements to be made. Instead of relying on automated tools, the report is manually conducted by our team of Magento specialists. This meticulous process offers valuable insights into how your site has been constructed.

Other audits & reports available:

  • Performance Audit
  • User Experience Audit
  • User Interface Audit
  • Security and Maintenance Report


We manage our effectiveness by our response times on tickets, closure of tickets and also via a customer feedback survey.

Results of our survey sent out in May 2023.


of our clients find our support team to be extremely valuable


of our clients find our support team to be very responsive


of our clients find our support team to have a good technical understanding and approach to tickets


of our clients find the support calls to be extremely useful


rated our account managers performance as excellent


would recommend our support services to others


What distinguishes your Magento support packages from others?

Our Magento support agency prioritises a personalised approach. Instead of generic solutions, our Magento technical support offers customised recommendations based on each website's unique needs.

How important are security patches for Magento 2 support?

Extremely. Security patches address vulnerabilities and potential threats. Staying updated ensures your Magento store remains secure and trustworthy.

How do you manage any new requests?

You will have a designated account manager and will be provided access to our ticketing system which is where everything is logged and tracked.

Can I switch between Magento support packages?

Yes, our flexible plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade based on your evolving business needs and can be reviewed every quarter with your account manager.

What if I don’t use all of my retainer hours in a month? 

If you don’t use all of your support hours in a month, we will rollover those hours into a quarter, this will start as of the first month you join support.

What if I don’t want to be on a support plan and want to pre-pay for support? 

Clients that want to operate a ‘adhoc’ support account with us will not have the same benefits that clients on a package have, and there will be an upfront commitment to the development site hosting costs.

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