Magento B2B Development

Absolute are a Magento Business Solution Partner. We’re experts in creating bespoke and responsive business-to-business functionality. Our design and development demonstrate our appreciation for the key differences between the B2B and B2C sales processes.


We understand that a successful B2B website needs to build lasting relationships with important customers. It also requires in-depth knowledge of user behaviour. That’s why our Magento 2 Solution Specialists consider the customer journey from the very start of any project we undertake.

We’ve helped clients build successful ‘trade only’ Magento B2B websites from scratch. We’ve also supported B2C customers in adding B2B functionality to their existing Magento builds—either through a log-in or via a secondary B2B storefront.

B2B ‘lite’ features can be added to Magento Open Source via modules such as:

  • Payment on Account
  • Quick Order by SKU
  • Quotations (Cart 2 Quote)
  • Per-product purchase restrictions
  • Per-customer shipping rates

Simple B2B price discounts based on customer groups are also available. However, these groups must be manually maintained and so are not suitable for more complex discounting structures.

B2B sites are a key sector for Adobe Commerce. Often, existing businesses that have operated a traditional ‘distributor’ role are looking to undertake a digital transformation process to move their business online.


(B2B) Shared Catalogs

A key feature of Adobe Commerce’s B2B feature set is the ability to create ‘shared’ catalogues that can feature custom pricing, products and permissions for designated companies. These catalogues can only be accessed by specific customer groups and can be further restricted to members of specific company accounts.

(B2B) Quick Order 

This feature streamlines the order process by allowing customers who know product name or SKU, to add products to their basket by entering SKU and Quantity, either directly into the Quick Order form, or by CSV upload. The feature is available to guests and account holders. This feature is useful for large repeat orders, where quantities may change, but there are certain products that are always part of the regular order.

(B2B) Quotes

This feature is often replicated by the ‘Cart2quote’ module in Magento Open Source and allows an Admin to add an ‘authorized buyer’ from a company. This buyer can then initiate a ‘price quote’ from within the shopping cart. Quote requests can be managed via the admin, including the ability to view a history of the ‘negotiation’ and can export data for external use.

(B2B) Requisition Lists

This feature is similar to a ‘wishlist’ except products are not removed once they have been purchased. B2B customers can maintain ‘requisition lists’ so that it is easier to re-order products. Items in a requisition list can easily be moved or copied to another requisition list and added to a basket.

(B2B) Company Accounts 

This feature allows a ‘guest’ visitor to request that a company account be opened, or for an Admin to create an account on their behalf. Once approved, the Company Admin can then set up the Company Structure, mange the Company Profile and add users and / or teams, plus allocate roles and permissions.

All this data can be managed by the Admin, who can also assign a Sales Representative to each company account in terms of the primary contact.

(B2B) Company Credit

This allows an Admin to extend a line of credit to B2B customers, who can then make purchases on their account up to a designated credit limit. A balance can be viewed in the Credit Activity Dashboard. A payment on the account toward the credit balance (outside of Magento) can be made by a customer by way of a ‘reimbursement balance’, which is then entered by the Admin.

(B2B) Payment On Account

This allows companies to make purchases up to their designated credit limit and is an additional offline payment method. This feature can be enabled globally or on a per company basis. When activated, a message appears at the top of the order that shows the status of the account and appears within the checkout process.

(B2B) Customer Account Dashboard Pages

Adobe Commerce’s customer account dashboard contains the following B2B orientated pages:

  • • (B2B) My Quotes
  • • (B2B) My Requisition Lists
  • • (B2B) Company Structure
  • • (B2B) Company Credit
  • • (B2B) Company Profile
  • • (B2B) Company Users

We are also experts in integrating your ERP, so whether you are an existing wholesaler, distributor, importer or manufacturer with a ‘bricks & mortar’ channel, or you are an online only business, we will ensure your ERP and Magento website can talk to each other.

If you’re looking to grow your online presence by generating more leads, and to streamline your business by eliminating some manual processes and by reducing ‘human error’ in your workflows, then B2B functionality could be just what you need. Trust a Magento Business Solution Partner and Contact Us now to find out more.


Trust a Magento Business Solution Partner and contact us now to find out more. 

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