Ella James

A cost effective ecommerce website showcasing the best of luxury brand Ella James, on the Shopify platform.

Ella James

Downsizing from Magento 1 to Shopify with a complex warehouse integration.

With Magento 1 coming to the end of it’s life in June 2020, EllaJames.co.uk wanted to review it’s options in terms of it’s ecommerce platform. The businesses original M1 site was built by another agency back in 2012 and Absolute were asked to support the site with performance upgrades in Sept 2016. Since then we have maintained and hosted the site, helping the brand to grow it’s online sales. When Ella James launched their M1 site, Shopify was not a real alternative, but in the intervening years, this SAAS platform has become the goto platform for sites with a relatively simple customer journey and less bespoke integration requirements. Taking into consideration the requirements of the site (including drop shipping integration with Hallmark), Ella James came to Absolute to decide on the best platform for migration. As both a Magento Business Solution Partner and Shopify Partner, we used our expertise to identify Shopify as the ideal platform for a cost effective, feature-rich ecommerce website.

With a huge range of products on offer, successfully migrating the data from Ella James’ Magento site to Shopify was key.

With product data exported from Magento being in a completely different format to Shopify’s accepted format, the most significant part of the migration was to convert the data in order to populate the new website with products. This also included importing all options for configurable products and product descriptions etc. Ella James also heavily relies on a complex warehouse integration with Hallmark. Absolute worked closely with Hallmark to configure the integration into Shopify, ensuring a smooth transition for the fulfilment of orders. Again, close detail was paid to ensure the required data for Hallmark fulfilled inventory was successfully imported from Magento to Shopify. We also undertook thorough testing to ensure the warehouse integration worked as required.

EllaJames.co.uk now benefits from a sleek, contemporary theme that really showcases the luxury feel of the brand. It’s a vast improvement from the style of their ageing Magento 1 site, and the theme also integrates their Instagram feed. Shopify offers an attractive, easy to use back-end interface, making it easy for the client to manage inventory and add / update content and layouts. Taking into account the requirements of the migration, Shopify also offered a considerable cost saving with a budget of under £4K.


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